Episode 30: Intimate Rocket Attack

One comment on “Episode 30: Intimate Rocket Attack

  1. UnaTerra says:

    The lords prayer.
    Read Matthew chapter 6 verse 5 onwards. It will take you all of a minute.
    This is what Jesus says BEFORE the lords prayer.
    It says
    Don’t pray in public, only hypocrites pray in public so they can be seen to be seen praying.
    It says to pray in your closet, in secret, god will know because he is all knowing.
    Its says DONT REPEAT PRAYERS YOU FUCKERS and get to the fucking point.
    And MAKE UP YOUR OWN PRAYER, here is an EXAMPLE of a prayer.. um.. say something like .. err.. our father who art in heaven, etc.

    Any Christian who insists on praying in a church or any other public place doesn’t know their own fucking rules.
    Any one who insists on saying the lords prayer is too fucking lazy to read the three lines before it.

    I am not an American citizen, but Cecil, please write to the public arena where this shit is trying to be passed and say, “Please read Matthew 6/5 to Matthew 6/8, it is the few sentences before the Lord’s prayer. Please don’t make a mockery of your own holy scriptures. It makes the United States look really foolish in the eyes of the world who have a pubic education system that gives them the ability to read.”

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