Episode 375: Police Management Dude – Michael Wood

We talk with police management consultant and activist Michael Wood Jr. on Standing Rock and Charlottesville as well as cover Trump spiritual advisor Paula White’s garbage statements, Rick Joyner fuckery, and KY governor states that Charlottesville happened b/c we took bibles out of schools, and more ridiculousness.

Strike Out Slavery Press Conference | Twitter

We Know How to Fix Policing in America. We Do.

Stories covered in episode:

Michael Wood

Episode 320: What Would JT Do?

Tom and Cecil talk with JT Eberhard, a blogger from WWJTD on the Patheos blog, about how the Catholic Church’s top exorcist can rid the world of over 160,000 demons in his lifetime. Also discussed: the benefits of putting a quarter in your ass.

Stories covered in this episode:

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