Episode 388: Trump Card

2 comments on Episode 388: Trump Card

  1. Gnome Chomsky says:

    Sandy Rios keeps calling George Soros a Communist. The deep irony is that his funding of open society dissident groups in the former Soviet Republics probably did more to collapse the USSR than anything St. Reagan ever did. Also, the most he ever donated in a single U.S. election cycle was 23.5 million in 2004…contrast that with 950 million by the Koch Bros. in 2012 and you realize how fucking absurd it is to keep accusing him of funding a New World Order, etc.

    1. ambulocetus says:

      The Republicans have a limited set of strategies. One of them is “whatever you are doing, will do, or would like to do, accuse the other side of it first”. See “death panels”

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