Episode 376: Habeas Humor

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  1. Woody says:

    Boiling bacon is indeed against all natural laws, but adding water to the pan as you cook bacon is an excellent option.


  2. Daniel Woodcock says:

    I’ve just listened to episode 367 of Cognitive dissonance. As usual, great show.

    I must say as an Australian though I am horrified that you can call us the “Garbage Country”, one of “misfit toys”.
    No matter what you think of us down here, at least unlike in your backward, Hick ridden, hoedowning, Nazi race rioting, hoboken, soggy New York pizza, fake cheese eatin, infected, puss ridden pimple on the face of the Earth country, there is no way someone as despicable as Donald J Trump could be elected to the office of Prime minister with only 26% of the population voting for him.

    In fact, the closest we got to a “Trump” experience was the election of one Tony Abbot. However, he was horrible for really only four reasons (outside of being a regressive, conservative bastard that somehow equates following right wing ideology blindly as having “God given” common sense):
    1- At a memorial service for a dead soldier, he said “well sometimes shit happens” the the soldiers living comrads. Video of this fantastic line can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dHwhlRLRs4
    2- When interviewed about the “shit” he said, this is how he responded: https://youtu.be/9wT9XS_TvzQ?t=46
    3 – On camera started eating an onion like it was an apple: https://youtu.be/hmPVCKnkKWA?t=6
    4 – Wanted to introduce a $7 fee when going to the doctors, which currently is free of course as we actually have universal health care (by the way, the fact we even have universal health care is enough to show how we are not the garbage nation).

    This last point actually was so heinous that his party kicked him out of the office of the Prime Minister, due to the public outrage. He didn’t even stay around for 2 years as leader.

    Let me see, Australian democracy works, 4 strikes he was out. How many more racist apologetic, homophobic, sexist out bursts from your guy will it take before you admit to Australia’s shining superiority…. :p

    At any rate, keep up the great work guys, glory hole you magnificent bastards.

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