Episode 375: Police Management Dude – Michael Wood

We talk with police management consultant and activist Michael Wood Jr. on Standing Rock and Charlottesville as well as cover Trump spiritual advisor Paula White’s garbage statements, Rick Joyner fuckery, and KY governor states that Charlottesville happened b/c we took bibles out of schools, and more ridiculousness.


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Stories covered in episode:

Michael Wood

3 comments on Episode 375: Police Management Dude – Michael Wood

  1. Luke V says:

    So, episode 375
    you can probably tell what im about to complain about, the claims that you shouldn’t take pharmaceuticals and switch to weed instead, and i get you guys called your guest out on it a little bit but it should be as no tolerance to listen to something dangerous to those with mental health issues as it would be listening to someone saying diabetics shouldn’t take their insulin or that gay conversion therapy is a real thing that works because all those claims are just as dangerous

    Police management dude be making that BULLSHIT fucking argument that we need to get people off pharmaceutical medications and onto weed (or whatever other bullshit outside of established medical science therapy these people point to)
    NO, just no, i know people who would actually fucking die if they got taken off their meds, i knew people who HAVE died because they went off their meds, people i went to school with and lived with

    You can be anti big pharmaceutical companies without being against the god damn life saving meds that keep people FROM FUCKING KILLING THEMSELVES, you can be pro more regulation against these companies with pout being against the god damn life saving meds that keep people FUCKING STABLE AND ALIVE

    Fucking weed or hallucinogens or whatever “natural non pharmaceutical” bullshit isnt going to help me with my severe depression and anxiety, highs freak me the fuck out

    I dont want or need a high, i need to be fucking stable all day long and have something that doesnt fuck me up, just something that keeps me uptaking seratonin and endorphins all day long every day to the level a regular person would without fucking with anything else to badly so i can function like a normal person and be safe

    Like the drugs i need to not fucking go into a dangerous place where i risk my own life are specific and designed and its better that they are that way rather than a fucking shotgun approach of this one thing (weed) can solve everything that ails you, thats a snake oil approach and its dangerous to people with mental health issues

    I get that you guys called him out on it but he said he wants to fucking organise people to get off their meds AND THAT CAN KILL PEOPLE

    its as bad as people sending gay and trans kids off to conversion therapy camps, or for bullshit homeopaths to tell diabetic people to stop taking insulin

    The comparison is fucking apt, a diabetic usually doesnt get shit for using pharmaceutical company created insulin but people who need antidepressants or antipsychotics or anti anxiety meds to live get this bullshit shaming from assholes saying to get off it and use some bullshit untested unproven nonsense instead because evil big pharma monsanto are evil so you cant take anything they make etc etc.

    I dont care if big pharma made my drugs from satanic rituals that used live babies, i know too many people whos brains are fucked up and need meds to make it work enough to live their lives, just like diabetics need insulin to keep their body working the right way and not die

    And what your guest essentially did was tell people to stop taking their insulin and you wouldnt stand for that on your show would you? Youd shut that nonsense down

    I know you guys did call him out a bit on the episode but i hope you guys can make it clear you should not just stop taking anything that your doctor prescribed especially if you have mental health problems, its literally a matter of life and death in some cases

    Ive lost enough friends without these fucking assholes spreading this dangerous nonsense

    -luke (someone who also needs medication to keep me alive)

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  2. Bruce Baker says:

    Okay, so I posted a bunch of comments about THIS episode…under the LAST episode. In my defense, I live in Canada. The internet works different up here. I converted wrong for metric. Or something.

    So a retraction. I -bitched- helpfully pointed out that there was no link in show notes to the new sponsor. Duh. (See above.)

  3. Bruce Baker says:

    Ep 375.
    Shownotes list lots of great “stories covered in episode”. 11. Most of which I didn’t hear in the episode.
    About half an hour on the Jim Bakker & Paula White thing(s). Then the interview & wrap up stuff. So, uh…?

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