Episode 76: Irreligiosophy

13 comments on Episode 76: Irreligiosophy

  1. Dean says:

    Can’t wait to listen – my favourite current podcast joins forces with the greatest and only – one true podcast.

    Heaven does exist

  2. zergu says:

    Hi guys, love the podcast.

    Csaba wasn’t punking you, that’s a typical Hungarian name and Tom got it right, ‘cs’ is pronounced as “ch” (as it sounds in chair). So Csaba rhymes with Jabba (the Hut).

    BTW, I’m from Romania. Am I the first listener from Romania?

  3. Steven Doyle says:

    I may be wrong, but I think hospital circumcisions are usually done without anaesthetic. Babies that young don’t form memories. Obviously, though, you want sterile conditions and instruments, and control of bleeding.

    1. Julia says:

      “Obviously, though, you want to not surgically alter your child’s body without his or her permission, unless there is a medical reason for it.”

      Fixed that for you.

  4. Steven Doyle says:

    Boy, Chuck was a great guest. The name Irreliosophy made me think of Theosophy. Does anybody still believe in Theosophy? Got to be some entertainment value there.

    1. Steven Doyle says:

      Sorry; meant “Irreligiosophy”. Chuck is right; that’s hard to spell if you’re not paying attention.

  5. Kara T-C says:

    I laughed at the beginning of the podcast, because you use the same exact music as Frank Turek’s “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” videos. Hilarious!

    1. diss0713 says:

      We use royalty free music mostly. That particular track comes with Garageband and it is called “Adrenaline Electronica”

  6. mike montague says:

    happy to hear irreligiosophy is back. i would disagree that the mormon church is the only one that think all other religions are wrong. i was born and raised in the mormon church and yes they do put more emphasis on that issue but all religions at their heart believe that all others are false. there may be some leeway within similar sects like the pentacostal/evangelical for each other but they would never allow a catholic into their heaven.

  7. Leanne says:

    Laughed my arse off more than usual at this episode and I am so glad Chuck is back at it I have missed him. Now I have 2 podcasts to really forward to each week in the future. On the Mormon front we don’t have many of them here in Perth WA but there is one in my office! I wont be able to look at him now without wondering if he ever thinks about clocking on at his factories! Anyway guys love your work Cheers Leanne

  8. InvisOn says:

    So much thanks for turning me on to Irreligiosophy, its a wonderful podcast. It really reignited my interest in pagan religions.

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