Episode 70: Most Basic Desire of the Feminine Soul

4 comments on Episode 70: Most Basic Desire of the Feminine Soul

  1. Thomas says:


    Big Time News in Tampa! – the cops shot a naked woman armed with a silver cross. Gotta love it!

    Spring Hill, Florida – Two off-duty law enforcement officers at a party at a house less than a mile away fatally shot a woman authorities described as “armed, naked and irrational” who had confronted them. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office identified her as Inga Marie Swanson, 42.

    Mull described Swanson as bubbly, easy to talk to and deeply religious, especially in later years.

    “She was always going to church with her Bible,” he said.

    According to Eylward, she said, “Antichrist, Antichrist, Antichrist. This meeting is over.”

  2. ullrich fischer says:

    Your snippets from that fundie asshole who was asserting the need to”rehabilitate” the idea of discriminating against gays (and presumably after that, the idea of slavery) reminds me of a cool new (to me) metaphor from Pee Zed Myers (Canadian pronunciation of his first name 🙂 ). In a recent Centre Stage podcast PZ compares religious fascists to a barn full of rabid raccoons. The comparison seems particularly apt for the aforementioned asshole.

  3. Elektrifikatzia says:

    Hi, I’m a new listener, gradually going through and listening to old episodes. I tend to listen while I’m breastfeeding my son to sleep and my laughter often startles him. Please stop being so funny or I’m going to lose a nipple!

    I’m in Australia, and the crap that was said about Sarah Silverman reminds me of some things that have been said to our female Atheist prime minister about her childlessness.

    Anyway, thanks for making the show. Toodle pip!

  4. Sonni says:

    Are you goddamned kidding me?

    jesus fucking christ with these people!

    Who can listen to these fucks and really believe this shit?!

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