Episode 25: Oh Tannen-BOMB!

Rick Perry’s “Strong Ad”

 Michele Bachmann On Glenn Beck Calls 8 Year Old Boy’s Act “Shameless”, One Million Moms, N Korea furious at South’s Christmas lights plan, Noam Chomsky’s “9/11”, Atheists Who Go to Church: Doing It for the Children, Followup -Afghan Rapist, Mercy for the drunk Muslim girl gang who attacked woman, Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance, Police: Suspect in Christian pamphlet hit-and-run turns self in,

We were interviewed by Patrick Redmond, Skeptics in the Pub Birmingham, it came out last week.

 PDF of letter to Rick Perry


Clips: Bachmann talking about gays from Daily Show, The Simpsons, We wish You a Merry Christmas – by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), President Bush speech after 9/11, Atheists are Parasites – Fox News, Three Stooges, Blood of Jesus – Jesus Camp.

5 comments on Episode 25: Oh Tannen-BOMB!

  1. Dumbass says:

    If you’re looking for free grub from a church, you’ve got to go with the Sikh’s. You get to snack on this warm, sweet chewy oatmeal-like stuff during the service, and you get a meal of really good Indian food afterwards.

    They ask for donations, but you can just put in something like $5 and they’ll be completely happy to serve you.

  2. Matt says:

    Lower left of the picture is clearly a guy doing a pimp walk. awww yeah.

  3. Dumbass says:

    I agree completely that it’s tasteless to use your kids to score some sort of point.

    There’s a group of abortion protestors who like to stand with their signs on a certain corner that I have to pass by in order to get groceries. Lately they’ve started bringing their children along. It’s obviously just to try and score a cheap point – “look at how precious children are, who would want to kill sweet little angels like these?”

    I even passed by one day and it was raining. The kids couldn’t have been comfortable. But I guess making their children a little uncomfortable (and probably bored out of their minds) is worth it when it’s in the service of scoring your petty little cheap points.

  4. brewtownpsych says:

    Mmmm, church candles … num num num num num

  5. John Obvious says:

    Tom and Cecil: Thanks for the hilarious

    podcastings. I was in lockstep dittoland on

    just about every point with a great many

    chuckles along the way for the last 8 or so

    episodes since I stumbled into your podiverse.

    So it seems it had to be inevitable that at

    some point you guys might utter something

    disagreeworthy. Congratulations, today was the

    day! So here it is: My take on the 8 year old

    kid v. Michele Bachman flapdoodlery when I

    first heard about it was a post on the Book of

    Face “I don’t care if she put him up to it.

    More power to her if she did. ” Why? Because I

    don’t think kids can be taught early enough to

    stand up to bullies and speak truth to the

    powerful, or in this case to the powerfully

    ignorant. Did you disagree with what the child

    actually said?

    Context matters.

    This kid was not being taught how to carry a

    napsack bomb, poison school lunches, or that

    homosexuality is a sin before an imaginary god.

    And who is to say what really was going on in

    the kids mind? Maybe he really wanted to do it

    and his mom thought it would send a more

    powerful message than if she did it but he a

    little scared when the time came. Did anyone

    ask him? Why automatically assume it was all

    the Moms idea? Did she threaten him with having

    to to watch the L Word with her yet again or something?

    Every Sunday millions of future bigots are

    being groomed in thousands of churches

    preaching intolerance in the name of Jeebus.

    Don’t get bent over one gay mom who dared to

    teacher her kid to fight back.

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