Episode 23: He Blinded Me With Violence

Obama leaves god out of Thanksgiving address, Sweat lodge sentencing, 12 years for being raped – or marry your attacker, blinded woman asks for mercy for her assailant, Australia tax breaks if you vaccinate, Pepper spray is delicious, occupy shooter, groping ghost.


Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub

Clips used: Music in intro – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Jesus camp / Blue Swede hooked on a feeling mashup, Princess Bride, Quackery PSA, Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly, Michelle Malkin on Fox and Friends, Ghostbusters.


3 comments on Episode 23: He Blinded Me With Violence

  1. Matt says:

    Afghan rapist was sent to jail, from CNN article “CNN tracked down Gulnaz’s rapist in a jail across town.” said he wasn’t in this episode, just pointing out. Not that it changes much. Great episode.

  2. I put pepper spray on my tacos and it was delicious… Painful but delicious.

  3. British Andy says:

    I know I’ve arrived late to the party, but the generally held belief that those poor, harassed Pilgrim Fathers left the UK to find find a more peaceful and tolerant place to call “home” is only part of the story.

    From the UK Times

    In reality they were a bunch of morally unstable crackpots…a tradition that I’m happy to see Cecil and Tom uphold to this day.

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