Episode 10: Strategic Level Crackpot Warfare

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  1. Karlo Yeager says:

    Hey Tom and Cecil:

    The Sarcasmageddon approacheth!

    Two shows in so many weeks? I thought the world was gonna end, and then — you two confirm it for me in the show. 'Course, if you were recording this last Tuesday, now I know why the earthquake happened.

    On Dominionist theology: I had heard about this, and that great book by Jeff Sharlet,"The Family" showcased their strategy of placing "key men" in positions of power. Though Dominionist religion tends to be a bit more militant, and not as expedient (or patient) as The Family, they seem to share the same strategies. Having said that, I don't know if you guys saw this, but I suppose you'll really enjoy it:


    Religious people are the *original* nerds.

    As to the Tea Parties, and generally middle America voting against their interests — to the point of bewildering rich folks putting their own heads in the guillotine, I think St. Chuck, patron saint of greasemonkeys and blue collar prophets called it out waaaaaaay before Marco Rubio did a damn thing on Fox News:


    The disillusion, the disengagement of a society that has pulled ahead, leaping from the shoulders of those below, to reach stratospheric levels of wealth has co-opted what would have been a legitimate protest movement. Befuddled, enraged, but soothed by flattering half-truths, the Tea Parties see themselves as the middle children of history; they are engaged in a spiritual war, they suffer through a Great Depression. . . However, two generations of TV and advertising fed to them as mother's milk, the Tea Parties have become Bears of Little Brain. Lotta heart; Little Brain.

    Which means they'll outlast us in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    'Course, that brings me to another glaring loophole in the Apostolic Dominionist worldview — God can't protect you from demons, and neither can you? What about Second Amendment remedies? Shotgun to the face'll give even Satan pause — donchathink?

    Keep it going, guys — there's groundswell . . . err, maybe that was an earthquake.


    P.S. Oh, and Conservapedia is great an' all, but head on over to ChrisTwire — you'll shit your pants, it's so funny!

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