Episode 89: The Thinking Atheist

5 comments on Episode 89: The Thinking Atheist

  1. joe says:

    You guys are great! Seth was awesome, May first time to listen!
    Ill be back!



  2. Mike.K. says:

    When I was in college, I was in the honors program, and the honors curriculum was designed to cover the humanities classes of any degree. For one of the classes, we had a professor from Ghana. He said that homosexuality was something white people chose, and when pressed, said that was the common sentiment in Africa.

    He also went on to explain that in African culture, the individual is responsible for the good of society. He said it’s the opposite of the U.S. mentality, and that individual liberties are subservient to public good. As a result of this, people are expected to marry and have children as a matter of public good. The Western notion of sexuality has nothing to do with marriage. If you don’t marry, people don’t suspect you’re gay, they suspect your lazy or selfish.

    Unfortunately, this has been exploited by the religious. Because of unstable governments, religious fundamentalists (both Christian and Muslim) and neo-liberal libertarians see Africa as a playground to test their ideologies on a live population.

  3. greg balteff says:

    great show with seth …the thinking atheist …wish you guys could be a little more serious and didactic…looking forward to the one with creationism and AYN RAND.. WOULD LOVE YOU TO HAVE A SHOW ON THE GREATNESS OF ELVIS …WOULD LOVE TO DEFEND HIM WHO ESPOUSE OTHERWISE …thank you for your time …

  4. Pat D says:

    “Christians upset over the poster of a woman licking a cow to promote a burger chain”

    It is a weird advertising campaign, but seriously folks… is there ANYTHING funny or humorous christians are not upset over? Anything? At all? Bueller? Bueller…

    I think that christians seeing anything sexual or perverted in this ad says a lot about what they are constantly thinking about (and are trying too hard to repress). Don’t be surprised if one of the complainant gets caught with his dick stuck in a cow…

  5. SFLAG says:

    Since you guys mentioned that the Great Lakes Atheists Convention was going to be “this summer, the 16th through the 18th,” I thought people might like to know that would be in the month of August. Not, like, the 16th-18th of every month during the entire summer. (I looked because I live in Michigan.)


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