Episode 82: God is Great? Eh – Could Be Better…

Foster called in,  – http://fosterdisbelief.wordpress.com/

Places to pronounce:

1.         Llanelli
2.         Machynlleth
3.         Aberdaugleddau
4.         Castell-nedd
5.         Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

8 comments on Episode 82: God is Great? Eh – Could Be Better…

  1. Mike.K. says:

    Before listening…. Welsh?

    Welsh’s pronunciation rules are even more cryptic than pre-reform Irish…. (And to give an idea of Irish, the name “Keoghbhain” is “Kevin”.)

  2. Mike.K. says:

    Ok, I live in Florida, and have known Santeria practitioners.

    The quick version is that it is based on African religions with the African gods “disguised” (syncretization) as Catholic saints.

    In the Orisha traditions (Santeria, Candomble, Hatian and New Orleans Voodoo, etc), the sacrificed animals are “made sacred”, and the meat is supposed to be eaten. The blood is not to be touched, but it is considered desecrating a religious object to waste holy meat. In most “Houses”, the holy meat should be distributed first among the poorest members so that they can be blessed by holy meat. (And, before anyone casts aspersions, remember this means that the congregations directly ensure their poorest have meat to eat.) If it is a large animal, the high priests and person whose home is hosting the event are also ensured meat, but the poor take priority.

    The blood is an exception. That belongs to the orishas, and should be spilled on the ground.

    The two exceptions are animals sacrificed to absorb something bad, and animals sacrificed to cast a curse. These meats are considered tainted.

    Sincere practitioners who sacrifice a chicken to heal the sick still see the corpse as holy, if tainted, meat, and will bury it. If small animals are washing up, it’s usually teenagers thinking it will make them powerful. If it is a more organized religion, that usually means there is a very bad element in the neighborhood, as one of the common “curses” is to blind the police to keep them away from illegal activity. Finding animals is never a good sign for the neighborhood.

  3. Robert G says:


    Tremendously awesome show. Spot on in virtually everything. Per the third item, I have a question (with a twist or twisted vis-à-vis your PoV) about the hat they used for donation purposes: was there any indication in the story whether it belong to the deceased or not? If so, would that take them from religious idiocy to BCC (bat crap crazy)? I ask this even though I will freely admit that they seem to have a shortcut from the former to the latter.


  4. Barry says:

    Welsh place names? They’re easy to pronounce! (Of course, the fact that I’m Welsh and speak the language may affect my opinion on this!)

    If you want to hear how the above words should be pronounced,
    follow this link (which leads to to the Ivona text-to-speech web site).

  5. Barry says:

    P.S. Mike K, you’re incorrect about the Welsh pronunciation rules. In fact, written Welsh is phonetic. It just has a few sounds that don’t appear in English, that’s all.

  6. David says:

    Placenta Helper makes a great meal!

  7. James says:

    Ha! you read my e-mail, fantastic. Tom definitely got the easier ones, he was pretty close with Castle Ned if he knew how to pronounce certain letters he’s have gotten it dead on. Thanks for brightening my day!

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