Episode 78: War on Xmas

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  1. Sonni says:

    Concerning the “Modern Day Noah” article, it’s so absurd that it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. That this old man was actually able to convince his congregation that he was told by ‘god’ to build an arc is almost astounding (there’s that many gullible people on the earth?)!

    I don’t remember the bible saying anything about building a fucking “college and auditorium” in the fucking arc!

    As a former believer, I studied that fallible book from front to back, and it’s amazing how many snake-oil salesmen like this guy will take a story or scripture or verse out of the bible and convince people of shit that no one will even attempt to verify! Why build an arc if god supposedly promised that he wouldn’t flood the earth anymore and supposedly sent a “rainbow” as a reminder of this promise?

    Did his congregants miss that text?

    Besides – who or what the fuck are they running from?

  2. James says:

    I fucking love how Huckabee and all these other assholes are talking about how the school shooting would not have happened had god been allowed in schools. I love it. I love it because it makes these assholes witch doctors living in 21st century america.

    You have not paid enough lip service to the great juju of the volcano, therefore all misfortunes have occurred because you lack the blessing of juju. If only you had sacrificed that fucking goat, none of this would have happened.

    They are literally the people, who in previous cultures, would have called for a human sacrifice to please the gods after this.

    But why not take them as right.

    Lets imagine that the reason god did not ‘step in’ was because the US made god feel unwelcome in schools. This not being welcome offends me as a god. Now who the fuck should i remove my blessing and protection from to teach these fuckers a lesson god asks himself. The people who maintain the separation of church and state? Nope. The descendants of the bloodlines that created the wall. Nope. How about the people and families and bloodlines who specifically worked to remove prayer from school. That would send a pretty easy to read sign. Nope.How about the kids of just atheist parents in that school. Nope.

    I got it, new plan. I’m going to cause a miracle, a statistical impossibility. I’m going to jam/misfire every one of this assholes guns. He will try and fire his rifle and it will jam. His two pistols. Jam. He is going to run out to his car and grab the shotgun and i am going to jam that shit too. I’m going to reward these people- these believers for their faith, and they will know it was a miracle.

    On the other hand, i do like people to be god fearing more than god loving so how about i let this guy walk in and murder every kid he can corner. That will teach these people who had no input in the decision about whether to pray in school or not.

    That is Huckabees god, and he is proud to have a god like that.


  3. Steven Doyle says:

    How do you get to be a judge or a Congressman without ever taking Health class? Maybe a gynecologist should testify at a joint session of Congress and explain how a woman’s reproductive system works.

  4. Steven Doyle says:

    First, fuck Mike Huckabee. Bastard has the amiable grandpa bit down pat, but what he actually says is as willfully ignorant and hateful as any of the other right-wing uber-Christians.

    But I wonder about the people who complain about “God not being in school”. What do they want — an official state church? (And would that be a national church, or would each state in the Union get its own church?)

  5. Sofie says:

    Whenever I hear those stupid arguments about there not being enough God to stop Disaster X from happening, I always know that the person making them must be a complete, fucking moron. If not-enough-God is to blame, then how does the rest of the world even EXIST anymore? USA is one of the most Christian countries on the planet!

    You’d think that us here in Denmark would be smithed (smothen?) every day, but you never see hurricanes, earthquakes or school shootings here… maybe because we are not in an area where the first two can be generated on a big enough scale to become problems and we have strict gun laws so that very few even own guns.

    (The earthquake thing reminded me: We recently had a “big” – by our standards – earthquake. Collateral damage: A poster fell off a wall somewhere. Really, it was horrible – people said they could feel it and everything! It was at 8 AM in the morning, so, of course, I slept through it. Didn’t feel a thing.)

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