Episode 75: Kill the Gays Bill

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  1. John Cannaday says:

    I’m quite pleased to see you posted a new show but it’s title makes it problematic to “like” it on Facebook. It might appear to “friends” as if we are happy and supportive about a “killing the gays” bill. Can’t wait to hear it….you two are truly great. I just will refrain from officially liking it this time around.
    Oogah Chaka.
    John C.

    1. diss0713 says:

      We find that the controversial titles often have a lot of downloads. No worries about liking the episode, we are just happy people listen.

  2. Rowan Lewis says:

    Where’s the link to this YouTube channel you mentioned?

    1. diss0713 says:

      Totally forgot it in the rush to post. It is there now. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. David says:

    Regarding the theory vs. theory thing, a scientific theory is made from laws, so the theory is superior to the laws. Evolution is laws from physics, astronomy, geology, etc.

    1. Mike.K. says:

      Actually, “Law” (technically with capital L) is based on math. This is why we have calculus. This is why physics is full of laws. Gravity and fields act like a slope, so physics is just differential equations.

      A “Theory” (technically capital T, though that’s not often done) is something that has either never been disproven, or exceptions are well understood. The main difference is that a Theory is something that essentially acts like a law, can potentially have (understood) exceptions, and most importantly, cannot be reduced to mathematics. This is why biology and the “soft sciences” are full of Theories. You cannot turn germs (or plate tectonics or or the biochemical mechanics of schizophrenia) into a calculus equation. They can be very well understood, but they are not math, and therefore not a Law.

      This is also why we have the Law of Gravity and the Theory of Gravity. The Law is the calculus that explains the action of gravitational pull in terms of acceleration, mass, diminishing over distance, etc. The Theory is what gravity actually is, and how the energy exchange is made (such as is there a “graviton”, or a gauge boson that exists virtually to exchange “gravity” energy, like a photon (E/M), gluon (Strong), or W or Z particle (Weak)).


      Evolution is “just a theory” because Evolution cannot be reduced to calculus equations.

  4. Mike.K. says:

    I think I’m the one you mentioned, and the phrase I used is “punishment politics”. The authoritarian mind will accept collateral losses of their own as long as more brown / poor / heathen people die.

    I must also say, the phrase “the thinning of the immoral herd” is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! You are brilliant, you are awesome, and i will refer to that and give you credit!

  5. Caffiene says:

    Well done, Cecil. The second attempt at pronunciation of “Melbourne” was pretty spot on. It is indeed pronounced like burn, rather than bourne. For future reference, it is also acceptable to be even more lazy and further drop the u & r sounds so that you’re just left with “Melbn”.

  6. Stuart Beresford says:

    I’m a British citizen, and wasn’t happy when I heard that Ireland is sending people here to have abortions (mostly because I don’t like the idea of paying for other countries citizens treatments when the facility to do so is within their own country (the NHS is not free, we fund it through our taxes, so don’t need expensive medical insurance)). I did a bit of digging, and came across the EU health card. It turns out that this card entitles you to medical treatment in EU countries that are not your own. Most of the cost of this treatment is picked up by your country of residence (either through your health service or government).

    TL:DR The Irish government aren’t prepared to offer abortions in any circumstance within their own country, but are quite happy to pay for it as long as it is done elsewhere!

  7. Zach S says:

    Hey guys, discovered the podcast after Hrab was on last week. All I can say is: How have I been missing this little piece of awesome!? Good work!

  8. RipleyP says:

    Why do I have an overwhelming urge to brand the teacher with the mark of the beast, just to ruin his Sunday gatherings?

    I think something more substantial than a coathanger is called for though.

    Great Show

  9. Craig says:

    So the new punishment for drunk driving is getting sentenced to a free drink every Sunday morning?

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