Episode 56: Purity Ballz

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  1. Matthew says:

    Contemporary archaeologists have pretty much come to the conclusion that the pyramids were build not by slaves, but my employed Egyptians. Pretty well paid employees too. It’s one of the top reasons the entire story of exodus makes not fucking sense, no Jewish slaves = no need to exo…dise?

  2. Steven Doyle says:

    I guess it’s true: too many cocks spoil the soup.

  3. Voter says:

    If you knew the history and purpose of write-ins, you might not say it’s a stupid idea. There was a time in the United States where the state did not print ballots and each political party printed and supplied their own, mobbing and literally trying to force them into the hands of voters at the polling place. Of course, it was often the case that each party’s ballot was of a different size or color; so there was also, in effect, no secret ballot. At some point, after much debate, laws were passed giving the state the sole authority to print official ballots; however, there was great concern about the state becoming a gatekeeper that determined who would be permitted to have their name printed on the ballot. Indeed, in some jurisdictions even today, ballot access requirements are so crazy that the ability to write-in is an important democratic safeguard. Sometimes the state sets unreasonable requirements, especially for new political parties. Other times, monied interests work very hard to keep legitimate candidates off the ballot. States have sometimes attempted to eliminate the ability of voters to write in candidates not on the ballot; however, they have had to settle for making it more difficult to do so, by requiring candidates to register first, etc., as the courts have consistently upheld voters’s right to write in candidates. While write in candidates may not win the election for President often, lets not forget that there are other, more local, elections, which write in candidates do win.

    1. diss0713 says:

      All great points. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Winkypop says:

    Episode 56: Purity Ballz.

    I haven’t laughed so hard since…..your last podcast!
    Keep up the good work assholes.


  5. InvincibleIronyMan says:

    Great news about the American Family Association boycotting Google. Here’s hoping the electricity companies, the water companies, the telephone companies and the U.S. highways dept. join Google and come out in favor of gay marriage!

  6. Murff says:

    For the guy that said flamboyant homosexuals were douches, he was not far off base with what a large number of homosexuals say. The flamboyant types make up a very small percent of the gay population…many of whom think the “over the top” behavior slows the progress of acceptance. Whether it’s adverse or not I couldn’t say.

    It can’t be compared to religious extremists that kill people of course, but it can be compared to other communities.

    After listening to you guys talk about gay couples and marriage, I wonder if I’m an odd man out. Although I fully support total equality for the LGBT community, I still find the act disgusting, but on your show it sounds like only the bigots feel that way? Watching 2 obese sweaty people make out disgusts me too…but hey, to each their own!

    You need to start doing the entire podcast in the hillbilly God voice, that’s some seriously funny shit. In the disclaimer at the end, you need to use that voice and say “This is God, and I approve this podcast…if you don’t believe it’s really me, then prove it”…or something along those lines.

  7. RevelsinReason says:

    The Jewish version of the cock-scotti for dipping in coffee is “Bris-scotti” *rimshot* (or *rimjob*, disclaimer: not an offer)

    These stories never cease to amaze me in how superstitous our species can be…we are idiots, how have we survived thus far?

  8. Matthew says:

    Kind of stupid that you’d dismiss the correction of a widely held belief, that millions of Jews were slaves and built the pyramids, as a ‘knit-picky’ detail. Because making up hundreds of years of slavery is no big deal.

    1. diss0713 says:

      It wasn’t the salient part of the point I was trying to make, in fact it had nothing to do with the threat of the pyramids being destroyed. The argument didn’t hinge on it. I admitted I was wrong – TWICE now. Not sure what else you want.

  9. RipleyP says:

    I think the American family association should look to the Amish, now they know how to throw a good boycott. Sorry I am late to the post party,

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