Episode 547: Aaron Rabinowitz & V4C 2019 Part 9

Thank you to Aaron Rabinowitz from @ETVPod for joining us.  Make sure to follow and listen to their show. patreon.com/EmbraceTheVoid

As always thanks to everyone who donated to Vulgarity for Charity last year. If you haven’t already make sure to go follow our friends at https://twitter.com/piatpod

3 comments on Episode 547: Aaron Rabinowitz & V4C 2019 Part 9

  1. BluePrint says:

    The problem with the “free marketplace of ideas” is it’s libertarian form, where money can be used to spread an idea that otherwise won’t get much attention.
    Before social media it was newspaper ads disguised as opinion, radio and TV productions.
    Now it’s dummy online publications that syndicate propaganda, and trick the social media algorithms to show it to everyone.

    If someone has something to gain from convincing the population of something, they’ll be willing to pay to fake the popularity of an idea, and just like in the libertarian “free” market, monopolize the conversation.

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