Episode 529: Momentum

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  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Great episode. Look forward to hearing y’all talk about the Tulsa rally after the fact! (And hoping you’ll say something about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.)

    Is there any doubt, guys, that when they make a movie about you, it’ll star Seth Rogan and Jason Lee?

  2. Sue says:

    My first podcast comment ever.

    About whether I believed Bernie would get all of his platform approved or advanced –

    No- I didn’t, which is why I found it funny when people called him the “chaos” candidate because his ideas were so “extreme”. I hoped for Medicare for All because so many other countries do it and I don’t understand why we haven’t except capitalism. Even Obamacare had a public option originally until it didn’t.

    I was hoping with Bernie we could get at least the public option and a better move on climate change, and some good court appointees.

    But there’s an aspect of Bernie’s presidency I think some people miss, and that’s I believe, what his candidacy both times has succeeded in, in a way, and that his Presidency would have further advanced – and that’s the narrative. He got the people talking about things and discussing possibilities that were barely brought up before. Since the government works at such an incrementally slow pace, part of moving things forward is just talking about these ideas first- usually for a really long time.

  3. Elizabeth Koehler says:

    Glory Hole! You Tube dropped you from my subscriptions and your last Episode 529 didn’t post. I was wondering if it’s them, you or me. Peace out!

    1. Sarah McNabb says:

      It was them!

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