Episode 41: The Year of the Bible

8 comments on Episode 41: The Year of the Bible

  1. Praedico says:

    As a brit, I just wanted to mention, regarding the picture of the judge from Nottingham: that’s… that’s just how judges dress over here. All of them. Yes, really.
    And lawyers get to wear a smaller version of the wig (minus the ear flaps) when they’re in court.
    I am not making this up.

  2. Baldwin says:

    As a Yank, I want to apologize for Tom & Cecil. Most educated Americans: 1) Know the difference between a sheriff and a judge; and 2) Already know how British judges dress, and don’t feel the need to giggle over it like children.

    (Guys — otherwise, a great show. Really enjoy it.)

    1. diss0713 says:

      You are equating mockery with ignorance. We know perfectly well what they wear, we also know that he isn’t a sheriff. It’s a joke.

      1. ExpatZ says:

        Actually, having spent most of my adult life in the US and now being a UK citizen I think I can unequivocally state, from direct experience, that most Americans know no such thing.

    2. GD says:

      You clearly don’t belong listening to this show. Go apologize to someone who cares.

  3. Frankie says:

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for the shout out this week and bonus points for saying my real name so eloquently.
    Great show this week as always and I think that the year of the bible is being contested by the Freedom from Religion Foundation:
    Thanks for all the laughs!

  4. @rossbalham says:

    Loving the show from here in the UK guys – bust trying to catch-up the back-catalogue; I’m getting a fastforward through the GOP primaries and it’s hysterical.

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this story yet –


    probably goes with your ident on the Devil possessing Powerpoint?

    Keep up the good work.


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