Episode 399: Tide Pod Weight Cut

One comment on “Episode 399: Tide Pod Weight Cut

  1. Foxfire says:

    When I was growing up, my family were Jehovah’s witnesses, and yes, JWs definitely break the rules. When I was born, I needed a blood transfusion. The doctor knew my mom was a JW, in fact was recommended by people from the church, and basically shrugged and said, “Don’t worry about what they say about it.” So I got the transfusion. And we quibbled about what it meant to celebrate holidays. For instance, every birthday it was made clear that we couldn’t have a party, but we got presents and usually got to stay home from school and go to the zoo or something special like that. And, yes, we ALWAYS got a cake. Just as a side note, we found other reasons to celebrate and give presents, too. Every year on my parents’ wedding anniversary, we, the kids, got presents too. And when school was about to start. And when we got report cards. And when school ended. So we got all the presents we would have gotten at Christmas, just scattered throughout the year.

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