Episode 363: Holy Kool Aid with Thomas Westbrook

3 comments on Episode 363: Holy Kool Aid with Thomas Westbrook

  1. Sean says:

    (Shirley Bassey sings:)

  2. disco says:

    Do you guys believe evolution to be fact? How did you evaluate the claims of evolution? Do you just believe it b/c smart people studied it and say its real?
    Im with you guys on laymen not understanding technical papers, but if you can pass a BS paper through peer review it shows the “experts” dont understand the technical papers either(this does not exactly apply in this case b/c they payed to be published)

    Its not unreasonable to expect something to be explainable to a laymen.
    “If you can’t teach something to a 6-year-old, that means you don’t really understand it” -Feynman

  3. Harold says:

    30:47 “game of phone tag”? Seeing how it ended up might as well call it “Game of Phones” then. 😉

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