Episode 35: Side Effects Include…

Notes for week 2/20/12

Clips: Simpsons “mob”, allahu akbar, Tom Cruise on Scientology, Onward Xtian Soldiers, I am Woman -Helen Reddy, Rick Santorum, A Few Good Men, “Hammock Fight” Kevin McLeod – incompetech.com

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  1. Dumbass says:

    Sorry Tom, but David Letterman beat you in coming up with “Michelle O’Bachman”. He’s been using that one for a while now.

  2. Martin says:

    I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love your show. Hey Carlos drop me a line I would love to talk to a fellow latino skeptic. Shit I would love to talk to any skeptics. I am near the LA area and want to get a group of skeptics going that meet once a month.

    Maybe we can go out on Sundays and stand in front of churches and try to get converts ala Denzel Washington in Spike Lee’s X.

    Again I love you two bastards.

    Martin “Open up the fucking door I want to talk to you about secular humanism” Munoz

    Are you sure you are not the NPR car guys?

  3. RobWriting says:

    Great stuff. Going through the all the episodes (another couple of days before I get caught up).

    Suggestions for de-mormonizing dead people:

    1) Don’t re-invent the wheel: use the devival rituals of the Church of the SubGenius or get the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to ally with you.

    2) Research the rituals that the LDS use to baptize the undead, then reverse everything. For instance: they use a member of their cult as a substitute for the dead person, so you use a chewed-on chicken bone instead. They have a huge fountain mounted on marble Kine, so you use a kiddie pool surronded by cow pies (you could even call them “Manna from Moroni”) and read passages from the Book of Mormon backwards (which would take a lot of practice but would have the added benefit of having something to say the next time two missionaries knock on your door).

    3) Is there a LDS ritual for excommunication? Maybe you could duplicate that. Wouldn’t be as much fun or humorous but it would get the point across. Then again, you might start a war over non-existent entities (souls?).

    4) Have a group of people (minimum of 100 or 1 for each wife the Mormon had — whichever is greater), armed with whoopie cushions, march backward three time around an LDS church while chanting the name of the Mormon and blowing their cushions in unison (akin to sounding a Shofar).

    5) While it might be sexist and disrespectful, you could get volunteers from the LGBT community to help hold a ritual wherein someone plays the role of the Mormon in question and someone plays the role of “God” and so forth. The blow-off comes [pun intended] when “God” un-baptizes the “Mormon” with his holy seed.

    I have thought of several more suggestions but they all involve things that are illegal, unethical, amoral, inhuman, or combinations of the aforementioned. Sorry.

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