Episode 343: Pillow Hands

Thanks to @angryblackrant for joining us. Tom, Cecil, and Ishmael talk about Jesse Lee Peterson’s opinion that if there were no black people in America, we wouldn’t have as many murders and riots. Cecil and Tom then discuss how and why the Republican side was so much better at cock blocking than liberals are. Hillbilly God comes back to talk about the apples of Gods eye, aka his scrotum. Lastly, a Philadelphia woman is married to Jesus and is considered an extra fancy virgin by the Catholic Church.

Stories covered in episode:


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4 comments on Episode 343: Pillow Hands

  1. Apple of God's Eye says:

    Hey where do I find the photos mentioned at there close of the podcast? The Trump resist one for example.

  2. zed dez says:

    Since you’re guest shared that his hero was a Black slave in the US who went on a murder spree of innocent white children, women and men. I wonder if he’ll agree that’s it’s okay for me to go on a murder spree of Muslims in France who are burning our Country, raping our girls and boys, prostituting our daughters, stealing our assets, and destroying our Country? It’s all about perceived personal justice right?

  3. R.M says:

    Stop bleeping “thug”.

    acting like its some bad word b/c one guy says it feels like the new n*gger(Even if hes right)

    1. diss0713 says:

      That thing whizzing over your head is the joke.

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