Episode 326: I’m So Thirsty

5 comments on Episode 326: I’m So Thirsty

  1. David G. says:

    Hey Guys,

    I am so thrilled that you have recently added JLP to the Carousel of Christian Crazies! I discovered him years ago and this year I started listening to his podcast daily. Yes, daily! I like to classify him as a functioning derelict. I listen to him and his sycophants and they repulse me, but you have to keep an eye on the other side to see what they are up to. There is so much golden shit to mine from his massive dumps, called shows. After Trump won, he kept intermittently hollering “White Power”. He’s like Clayton Bigsby, but he is not blind. When he saw Michael Jackson’s pigment change, he thought to himself, “If only I could do it too.”
    I read his first book a couple of years ago and believe it or not, he writes like he talks. I don’t know who’s writing was more laughable, his or Ray Comfort. After you finish David Ickes’s book you should tackle “From Rage to Responsibility”. It would provide plenty of jokes and face-palms.
    The live show was grand and keep up the good work or whatever it is that you do.
    Glory hole muthafuckers!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do kind of wish there weren’t “kill yourself” jokes. Those sound very different depending on whether you’ve been through suicidal depression or not.

  3. Nadine says:

    Guys any chance you could ask permission to post the “names to call Trump”? I wanna circulate them they are too good not to share ????

  4. Pericles says:

    I’ve been through suicidal depression, and I have no trouble with such jokes. If you get triggered by such things, as did I while I had suicidal depression, you need to either shield yourself from them by avoiding potential sites where it could appear or you need to do something about your depression.

    I think this podcast is really blind, I liked listening to you a year or so ago when it was about Christian crazies, nobody can go wrong with that. But when you stick your nose in politics just about anyone can go wrong, and you’re not even acting above average. You do not seem to reflect on what has happened during Obama’s presidency at all, you just call it “good” and predict Trump’s as “bad”. I too dislike Trump, although I think he is a better candidate than Hillary for reasons that should be crystal clear by now. Hillary = Intelligent person who is going to do everything to get power for herself while pleasing the people just enough for them to be satisfied. Trump = Dumb person who is going to do just the same but with a lack of ability which will lead to his exploitation being on a lower degree.

    1. Jude searles says:

      Bet you’re feeling a bit silly about those comments now????

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