Episode 324: SPLC – Add Me Too [Seth Andrews]

Tom and Cecil have special guest Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist (and his velvety smooth voice) on the show to discuss key topics in the news. This week they focus on the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Stories covered in this episode:

A big shout-out and thank you to Elvis for creating the song that starts this episode!

Listener Submissions: 

donald trump

2 comments on Episode 324: SPLC – Add Me Too [Seth Andrews]

  1. Kaleb says:

    Just a quick correction, I don’t think transvestite is the same as transgender. The former is dressing as the opposite sex (like Eddie Izzard), the latter is identifying as the opposite sex.

    Some people find transvestite offensive, and tranny is much more offensive. I frankly don’t know what word to use instead. The term cross-dresser is a possibility, but to me it’s always seemed to have negative, informal connotations.

  2. Ale says:

    I’m not going to defend the original title, which was unnecessarily inflammatory, and because I wasn’t jumping on the list, maybe it was changed before and/or since. Inside the list when I read it it explicit said that these people say things used to justify hate against Muslims in the country.

    I admire Malcolm X greatly, but to say that his words weren’t used to justify fear and hatred to blacks would be bullshit.

    I’m not justifying the list because it’s bullshit, but it’s probably important to get a fuller image before disparaging them more broadly.

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