Episode 21: Rick Perry’s Top 3

EDIT: This show got fucked when I transferred it to Libsyn, we were missing the last third of the show. It has been fixed. If you downloaded it in the first half a day or so you may need to re-download it so it actually works. All I have to say is this on the matter:



This week: Irish President is an Atheist, Skeptoid on 10 worst websites, Chuck Norris on Vaccines, Chicken Pox and Lollypops, Personhood Amendment, Net Neutraliy, Herman Cain on China and groping, Rick Perry’s 3 favorite things, Protester shot with rubber bullets, Gay Nurse preached to, Transgender burned alive, Burn an evolution book petition.



Clips used: Irish National Anthem, Quackery PSA, Walker Texas Ranger, Anderson Cooper 360, Ted Stevens, Rick Perry get’s played off by Keyboard Cat, Cspan on OWS, The Simpsons, Bachmann on homosexuality, Huckabee on Evolution,




Skeptics with a K


12 comments on Episode 21: Rick Perry’s Top 3

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey guys. What happened to the last half hour of the show?

    1. diss0713 says:

      No fucking clue. Will get it fixed ASAP.

  2. Dumbass says:

    I second the recommendation to listen to Skeptics With A K. I started listening to them several months back, and I spent a few weeks going through all of their past episodes.

    They are very smart, and very funny.

  3. Anthony says:

    Awesome. Great stuff as always. Keep it up.

  4. Thoga says:

    I was directed to your podcast from Irreligiosophy, may it rest in peace. You guys better be good or I’ll hold Dumbass accountable. Why don’t you guys get Chuck and/or Leighton on a future podcast as guests?

    1. Dumbass says:

      I take full responsibility.

      If you liked a couple of loudmouth blowhards like Chuck and Leighton though, I don’t see how you could go wrong listening to Cecil and Tom.

  5. Cunningham! says:

    Another Irreligiosophy refugee checking in.

  6. M. Ripke says:


    I came across this website, and I noticed that you were making fun of my petition. You have called me a troll, and while I can understand why, this is NOT a troll job. I am a real Christian, and I just want to spread the word of God and help other Christians see the truth. I have only able to obtain 13 signature so far, but I am planning to reach out to more people soon.

    Mark Ripke

    1. Dumbass says:

      I’m with ya man! This is an incredibly good idea, surely we can convince a huge portion of the public and get the white house to take notice!

      Maybe we can even arrange it so that we can take a day off work! “Sorry boss, can’t come in tomorrow, it’s Burn An Evolution Book day!”

      Can we arrange for a parade as well? I’d love to see a float depicting Darwin in flames!

  7. thoga says:

    Ok its official, I’m loving it. Well done guys. Now I can start digging into the backlog of episodes. Consider yourself vindicated dumbass!

    1. Dumbass says:

      I am incredibly relieved! 🙂

  8. brewtownpsych says:

    You guys are hilarious. My wife says your the Click and Clack of Skepticism ….with the F-word. What could possibly rule more than that? Keep it up!!!

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