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Episode 221: Indiana Rich!



Reasoncon: http://reasonnc.com/




public class FSHG {



   public static void main(String[] args) {


   //Setting all String variables:

   String god = “GOD”;


   String father = “FATHER”;

   String son = “SON”;

   String holyGhost = “HOLY GHOST”;


   //Since the father, the son and the holy ghost are

   //all god, set these variables equal to god:

    father = god;

    son = god;

    holyGhost = god;


   //Since the father, the son and the holy ghost are

   //not equal to each other, set these checks:

    if(father == son){



    if(son == holyGhost){



    if(holyGhost == father){




    //To actually print out the values of the father,

    //son and the holy ghost:

    System.out.println(“The Father: “+father);

    System.out.println(“The son:     “+son);

    System.out.println(“The Holy Ghost: “+holyGhost);






The output for this program:




    The Father: GOD

    The son:     GOD

    The Holy Ghost: GOD

Episode 21: Rick Perry’s Top 3

EDIT: This show got fucked when I transferred it to Libsyn, we were missing the last third of the show. It has been fixed. If you downloaded it in the first half a day or so you may need to re-download it so it actually works. All I have to say is this on the matter:



This week: Irish President is an Atheist, Skeptoid on 10 worst websites, Chuck Norris on Vaccines, Chicken Pox and Lollypops, Personhood Amendment, Net Neutraliy, Herman Cain on China and groping, Rick Perry’s 3 favorite things, Protester shot with rubber bullets, Gay Nurse preached to, Transgender burned alive, Burn an evolution book petition.



Clips used: Irish National Anthem, Quackery PSA, Walker Texas Ranger, Anderson Cooper 360, Ted Stevens, Rick Perry get’s played off by Keyboard Cat, Cspan on OWS, The Simpsons, Bachmann on homosexuality, Huckabee on Evolution,




Skeptics with a K


Episode 16: Occupy Everything

This Episode covers the week of Oct 3rd – 10th, 2011.

Steve Jobs followed natural medine, Creationsts caught on camera, Occupy Wall St, Bill O’Reilly says people who need jobs should just get them, Herman Cain is delusional, Conservative infighting, Conservapedia: Border Patrol, Invisible man rapes girl.

Clips used: The Nightline Face-Off: Does God Have a Future?, Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera, CSPN, Entertainment Tonight, WSJ.com Keep Conservatives United, A Few Good Men.

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