Episode 142: Atheists on Air

4 comments on Episode 142: Atheists on Air

  1. DocFabulous says:

    Come on guys, you can’t figure out why the hyperreligious guys are obsessed with stopping consensual buttsecks? Think about it. Think harder. It’s not that they’re against male-male homosexual relationships, they jsut believe that it needs to take place within the church. No, literally, inside the church, Catholic style. Why did you think there’s a closed off room called the “rectory” in the back of the church?


  2. Sandra S. says:

    Hey, thanks for doing this, just when I felt it was becoming “all dudes, all the time”. Nothing against the specific dudes in question, but it’s so nice to hear a fellow female atheist every now and again on your show – and Love appears to be seriousy awesome. I’ve subscribed to them too.


    (also, sorry to bring back painful memories, but the pair of you drinking eggnogg was the funniest fucking thing. We don’t do that here in Germany (why would we?), but I think you’ve ruined those little candy easter eggs with the slimy filling for me. : ))

    1. diss0713 says:

      I think those little easter eggs with slimy filling ruined themselves.

      It is our sincere hope to have Greta Christina on to talk about her new book soon.

  3. Sandra S. says:

    Awesome, looking forward to hearing from her!

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