Episode 135: Teddy Jealous Week

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  1. NSA-junkie says:

    Where is the Peter Bogondian/Gloryhole photo?

  2. RobWriting says:

    The “do it now” is from an impersonation of the Govenator of California. You can hear at the end of the following Jib-Jab episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adc3MSS5Ydc

    BTW: this has to rank as one of the all time greatest political commentaries.

  3. fartpriest says:

    Your next kids middle name should be Mega-Thor.

  4. Bartok says:

    Hey guys love your show!

    I just have one thing to add; hurricanes actually happen in winter in Japan. I know, not because I am a super Japanophile (okay maybe a little) but because I live in Japan.

    But anyway, I love the show, keep it up you guys keep me sane!

  5. Wally Weaksauce says:

    “I think we jumped the science train pretty quick” in re: Bryan Fischer.

    Oh Lord, you’ve got to warn people ahead of time about these lines, I almost steered off the road LMAO while driving

  6. Guilherme says:

    It is so true that the devil is not able to go past the bars of baby cribs. How come I never realized that before?

  7. Paul says:

    You guys are so right about the revelations thing. Whoever the asshats are that emailed complaining about the HILARIOUS revelations episode are, they don’t seem to be critically thinking about the writer(s) of the bible. Are they essentially saying the creators of the original content (oral or written) obviously knew the stars in the night sky are the same things as our sun but farther away, and that they were speaking metaphorically? These are multiple millennias old religiously driven persons in the ancient world. Are these people suggesting that they, and their even less-educated followers, during that era of history, understood that stars falling out of the sky is physically impossible and thus silly, and instead surely interpreted the passage as simply “a beautiful piece of poetry” …?

    I’m sure revelations was written with the downfall of Rome in mind, but asserting that religious nuts back then interpreted it the way you do is ridiculous. It’s begging the question that religious nuts today are abnormalities, totally dissimilar to religious nuts throughout history, and that the relevant difference is their respective capacity to understand metaphor. And that the ones with the greater capacity for metaphor are the 2000 year old itinerant goat herders.

    If I’m wrong here and making a straw man, please let me know, because from what I’ve heard tom and Cecil were absolutely NOT straw man’ing in their unapologetic mockery of revelations in its PURPOSEFULLY INTENDED role as a divine religious prophecy of the upcoming apocalypse, a prophecy taken VERY seriously by most Christians.

    Anyways… Gloryhole guys. I really enjoyed those bonus episodes and I’m sorry you got so much bullshit as feedback on them. Must be the same people who you alluded to giving you shit for talking about George Zimmerman. Or that guy who was mystified that you guys criticized that board game mocking poor people, cuz he thought religious fundamentalists and poor people were equally worthy of mock and ridicule.

    Why would people like that listen to this show? The podcast isnt for those who WANT to foster their own cognitive dissonance. Maybe though that’s where the confusion stemmed from.

  8. bn says:

    hell of an episode! I really enjoyed the poem at the end.

    it’d be nice to see the text of it posted somewhere. work like that needs more exposure, and I thank you for bringing it to us.

    glory hole.

  9. Belle says:

    I transcribed Sir Andrew/Andruid’s poem to the best of my ability because I really enjoyed it and though someone else would benefit from it too. Here it is:

    Goodbye God Or Away With Yaweh

    When I was young you tortured me
    You watched my every move
    Ready to correct me and always disapprove
    I watched you brow beat others and divide them with your hate
    Split families and lovers and resign them to their fate.
    You teach that thinking on your own is a way to misbehave
    And that priests and politicians all use you to enslave
    If you were real I’d confront you
    Of your guilt I’d be exempt
    I’d list your sins right back at you and hold you in contempt
    You’re a bully and a braggart you’re petty, jealous, weak
    A self-obsessive wanna-be, a mean controlling freak
    I need not your commandments I know what right for me
    What to eat and who to love I choose because I’m free
    I fear not you’re judgment nor fear I your wrath
    I wish not your forgiveness I walk a different path
    I can safely let you go
    You were never there at all
    and the power that I gave you to my own self I recall
    I reject you and deny you
    and all you(‘re) ??? kind I’ve no need for made up things
    I’ve made up my own mind.

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