Episode 128: Somebody Dig Up Rosa Parks

4 comments on Episode 128: Somebody Dig Up Rosa Parks

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    The 2nd Amendment isn’t about individuals owning whatever guns they want, but it’s also not about the general population being equipped to overpower the Federal government. They were revolutionary, but they weren’t nuts; nobody’s going to write permission for violent overthrow into their Constitution.

    The 2nd Amendment assures people that state militias, and any army raised by Congress, will be composed of Americans, not foreign mercenaries. That’s why it’s right next to the 3rd Amendment, which assures people they won’t have a bunch of soldiers taking over their houses.

  2. Atheous says:

    I like the relaxing Sir Coughsalot tune at the end.

  3. Chris Brownell says:

    Guys your piece about the conservatives quoting the bible to justify ignoring climate change made me think of this awesome interview with Carl Sagan, his last ever. The point he makes in the first several minutes specifically. We live in a scientific/technological society in which we actively ignore scientific thinking.


    Thanks for your efforts.

  4. Mike.K. says:

    I live in Florida, where the drug-testing thing came up. There was also a push to test all non-executive government workers.

    Our governor, Rick Scott, has a background in the medical business. He owns a “doc-in-a-box” chain that runs the clinics in some WalMarts.

    Before the election, he transferred his holdings in that chain to his wife, to preemptively deflect “conflict of interest”.

    Because his company specialized in drug testing.

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