Episode 374: Trailer of Tears

Stories covered in this episode include Trump speaking on the Charlottesville protests, secessionists push for South to break away from U.S. again, more Dave Daubenmire fuckery, and a couple takes a girl, 13, to marry a polygamous sect leader.

Stories covered in episode:

Camp Quest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4bAUrGvLVs&feature=youtu.be

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Someone’s spotted Donald Trump’s ‘neck fanny’ and now we can’t unsee it



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  1. Bruce Baker says:

    From the Bakker & Whatshername clip: Bakker said “the government has been trying to moidalize ‘the church’ for decades and decades and decades.” Yet another point in the clip is “God raises up our leaders.” So…God makes the kings…then the kings squash the church?

    Re Michael Wood interview: One of his ongoing tasks was to “calm down” the protesters. Keep them peaceful. I have no doubt that the way the government was dealing with them aroused anger. But also… Wood & co had mobilized /veterans/. In a “force”. For a cause. Against organized opposition.

    These people, by training (and, often, by inclination)…are fighters. So that they’d respond…especially when the other side is doing x and y and z against them…would be to fight.

  2. Bruce Baker says:

    Tom raised an excellent point about being skeptical about claims of efficacy for medical use of marijuana. We don’t “buy” woo. The way an idea graduates is with evidence.
    The problem there is in getting the evidence, to the degree we expect, respect and will accept. That evidence takes study. Clinical trials. Research and peer review. Etc. And who does those? Drug companies. Or universities…funded either by drug companies or by government.
    Just like with “herbal remedies”, drug companies don’t want to spend millions to prove that (unpatentable) St. Johns Wort…heals warts or whatever. And I don’t blame them for that. You invest in stuff that will (or at least COULD) make you money. So drug co’s will “isolate the flavinoids” and put their modified THC into a pill. THAT can be patented. And make them money. Proving that “pot takes the pain away” will make them zilch.
    Okay, so maybe governments? What? The feds? Who are still totally against pot? They’re not gonna finance such research. (Could conceivably even do like they did with stem cells. “If your university works on pot…no federal dollars for you for ANY research.”)
    One possibility: the states who have legalized it. Take some of the “Pot Dividend” (revenue from legal sale) and fund research that could lead to more sale of the product they made the money from. They don’t NEED it to be patentable. They’ll be investing in raising the tide that will raise many boats.

    I also liked his point that the arguments (medical and recreational) must be separate. Not just using medical usage in a (trigger warning) “wedge strategy”.
    Another tiny note. Tom saying “I don’t know about that” to one of Wood’s claims. He wasn’t saying “I disagree”. Just “I don’t have the information to agree or disagree with that.”

    And, finally, Wood mentioned that one of his goals is to “mitigate stupidity”. So maybe, rather than (or as well as) the sobriquet Police Management Dude…he could be The Stupidity Mitigator? (Stupidigator?)

  3. Bruce Baker says:

    New sponsor…the clothing company…
    It sounded, to me, like you said BombSell So I went to BombSell.com. No such site. Came here to try a link in show notes. Newp. Not provided.

    So maybe…fix that?

    Tricky name? Spell it out. AND put a link in the show notes.

  4. Bruce Baker says:

    And…oh crap. I clicked something wrong. And all these comments are posted to the wrong episode.

    Awaiting moderation. So…maybe mod can just, er, zap them to the right thread? Please? Or…not. Sigh.

  5. Guy Bryant says:

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