Episode 97: My Snake Has Subluxations

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  1. Mike.K. says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to go on a tear about John Paulk, and why he can go fuck a cow.

    He did not come to his conclusion that he was supporting hateful, crazy people when he was confronted with decades of scientific information. He was quite happy to be doing the work of the wicked as long as the Good Christian people were writing him Good Christian paychecks that cleared his account with cold, hard cash. As long as Focus on the Family was paying him, he was happy to be their ex-gay poster child.

    Remember, and this is important, that he lost his position because he was photographed buying drinks at a gay bar. He knew it was all bullshit, and was doing it for the money. He can get paid by Good Christians to decry the gays lifestyle as long as there are enough left to give him a blowjob behind a bar when he travels.

    Remember, and this is also important, that he fought to keep his position in Exodus international, after he was caught and had his picture taken by a gay reporter, who had tried repeatedly to interview him, because they paid him. He got money and speaking gigs and more money and paid travel and more money and his face on newsletters mailed to fundies across the country. And the checks kept clearing to his account.

    He came to this admission, not when confronted with clinical evidence or personal testimonial or the suicide notes of children, but when years passed and there were no checks in sight.

    He’s not a whore, he’s a Quisling. I’m glad John finally said it, but I would much rather see people talk about him than give him the opportunity to be paid to speak. If I ever crossed paths with him, there would be not a moment’s kindness wasted on him. His action would have actually meant something if he had lead to him turning down One. Single. Fucking. Paycheck.

    Just one. Even if the end was in sight, just one.


  2. Mike.K. says:

    Oh, and quick: In the first segment, the “freedom minutemen” term Cecil was looking for is “Sovereign Citizen”. The basic idea is that the current federal government is illegitimate, and you declare your free sovereignty from the Big Bad Gubmint. The basic idea is that then you don’t have to pay taxes, and the Big Bad Gubmint can’t take your land through eminent domain or “mah gunz” through Agenda 21 (and along those lines, US laws from international treaty no longer apply to you).

    Among obvious issues, one of the lesser known issues with this is that the movement is rife with antisemitism. One of the reasons the federal government is illegitimate because of infiltration by Zionist Jews. This is one of the things that makes it popular among dominionist Christians.

    1. CharlesinSanDiego says:

      The Soverign Citizens are a strange bunch of critters. Check out the “Conspiracy Skeptic” podcast from 11/7/2012.

  3. ullrich fischer says:

    Actually, guys, jello based body armor may be the Next Big Thing. There was an article in NewScientist recently about a starch-colloid filled vest which could stop bullets more effectively than Kevlar. You’re right, though, the guy who sold $27k bomb dowsing rods should be shot for treason.

  4. Felipe says:

    What the fuck is it with you Americans and the name R*** Paul? I’ve given up trying to differentiate between Ru, Rand and Ron. I just assume they’re all the same by now.

  5. greenmjolnir says:

    Oh yeah, James Randi talked the bomb dowsing rods years ago. It was a fella/company out of England. Somehow they are still ending up being used by other militaries even though the original company was shut down.

  6. Sonni says:

    These muslims – even though I believe ALL religions are complete bullshit – really irk the fuck outta me!

    Sometime I wish Canada was a little more intolerable, and realized that muslims – in particular – really did have an “agenda” want to make every country they inhabit acknowledge their religion. They’re dangerous fuckers, and they need to be nipped in the fucking bud!

    This hurts me to say as a self-proclaimed, unapologetic liberal – but islamist scare the shit outta me!

  7. Sonni says:

    “simma down-na!”

    “You best simma!”

  8. Rick K. says:

    Schlafly has a not-too-distant relative who runs an eponymous micro-brewery here in St. Louis. They make pretty good beers and ales, and are fairly popular around here. Phyllis should consider a career change.

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