Episode 96: Six Degrees of Bestiality

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  1. Mike.K. says:

    Gloryhole! And, I’m eagerly awaiting the Great Cosmic Confluence that will be caused by Episode 100. An Atlantean Dolphin riding a Mongolian Death Worm on the Astral Plane told me that both the Harmonic Convergence and Mayan Apocalypse were waiting on this event.

    I also remember getting clothes at the “husky” section.

    Anyway… Louie Gomert. Your analysis of “Seven Words” is pretty spot on. As I’ve said before, conservatives have traded Truth for Certainty. Because of that, words are no longer conveyors of meaning, because the base is already right about everything. Instead, they are fear and power words, and things like this are basically Wingnut Jazz to whip up the base to send in votes and checks.

    Cheney and Rumsfeld were good at this, but only with a fairly intelligent audience. Newt Gingrich used to be good at this, but he’s gotten fat and lazy with his wealth. Now, Gingrich basically shows up with, “Sharia Terrorist Socialist… Failed president… Welfare… uhh… Jezuz. Fuckit. Gimmie my paycheck.” Sarah Palin thinks she’s really good at this, and she goes on some truly… “inspired” riffs.

    People like Gomert, however, are just stupid. They are products of their anti-intellectual upbringing, and are believers in the bullshit. However, he knows he has to follow Gingrich’s GOPAC letters, but he can only remember a few things. So, you get things like gun control leading to The Gay Agenda and bestiality. Or, health-care reform leads to Socialism and Sharia Law, and beastiality. He has to work in the fear words, but he’s only smart enough to remember a few. So, everything goes to: Socialism, Sharia Law, Terrorism, Illegals, Take-your-guns, Big Homo, and goat-fucking. You’re exactly right in that he just picks three to frighten his base.

    What I find more bothersome is his closing remark that if Christians are not involved, the laws will be immoral. This reinforces the belief that only Christians have morals and try to be good people, which justifies a great deal of their bigotry towards other people.


  2. Donovan Willett says:

    That call to prayer done in ‘jive’ made me think of ‘Blacks without Soul’ segments in Amazon Women on the Moon. 😉

  3. el indio says:

    Loved your insight as to the term “hispanic”. Bogus term. I am proud Mexican and feel the term is an insult to my intelligence. Thank you! Keep up the great work!!!!

    1. The Fabulous says:

      To be blunt, when it comes down to legal documents (why we have to have “race” on the background check for firearms is a rant for a different day) it would go poorly, especially in Florida, if I asked “So, mexican? Cuban? Puerto Rican?” and Uncle Sam still hasn’t gone for my idea of replacing race questions on legal documents with Pantone swatches. I agree that Hispanic/Latino is kind of a ridiculous idea (lets lump all the brown people from the Carribean, Central, and South america into one homogenous group the way we lump everyone from Israel to China and India to Russia together as “Asian” so we can pretend they’re all the same!”) and that it’s not helping the US as a whole get over the obsession with sorting people by CYMK.

  4. Mike.K. says:

    When re-listening to this, at the part about creationism in Louisiana, I was wondering if you have never had anyone show you the Wedge Document. Essentially, a document was leaked from the Discovery Institute for a PR campaign against science. Instead of guessing their intent, you have their own internal memo.


    And the Wikipedia page, as this document is rather infamous:

  5. Julia says:

    Another great hilarity about Gomer’s argument is that it boils down to “Look, you can’t limit this thing, because I want to limit another thing!”

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