Episode 92: Michael Marshall

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  1. Matthew McGuigan says:

    Raised by a parent without anyone knowing about you. There’s a great movie about that called “Bad Boy Bubby”. Great movie for any budding young atheists against home schooling.

  2. Mike.K. says:

    As for Octopus Man…

    I am shocked and appalled, appalled!, that the hosts are so culturally insensitive and such artistic louts that the hosts would not be familiar with traditional Japanese ukiyo-e paintings from the early 1800’s. In particular, “Tako no ama”, or “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”.


    Google it, but at home. With no children around. And, yes, it is a painting from the early 1800’s. So, apparently horny octopus men have been trying to get the “little fisherman in the boat” for quite some time.

  3. Mike.K. says:

    And on Cardinal Wilfrid, I’m going to try to extend a sliver of generosity here. The *predisposition* of pedophilia is a mental illness, and not “thought crime”. Acting upon it as an adult is a crime, as it is exploitative for sexual reasons.

    Part of the problem, touched upon here previously, is that the celibacy has allowed the priesthood to be a place where people with non-normative sexuality can try to hide from their impulses. Another part of the problem is that all non-“make babies ONLY for Jesus and pray for forgiveness when you do it” sexuality is equalized and demonized. So, gay men go in to “hide” and end up messed up. Pedophiles go in and don’t get the treatment they need. (And no, I am not equating them, I am saying they are equated.)

    Lastly, as you said, the issue comes back do, “If it’s an illness, then why are you not treating them?” That only changes their culpability, not reduces it.

  4. Johan Lahtinen says:

    Awesome skeptics’ creed. Maybe I should make one in Finnish…

  5. pekka korte says:

    Johan, I was just thinking the same but it should be done with the same intonations (like “giant worms”-part) as the original, so the guys can have ANY idea what’s going on. BTW what was the show you mentioned near the end? Skaving atheist? Great show _again_ guys. MM was excellent too. Really pleasent sounding guy. I just wish I had as much time and energy to do stuff outside work as he does. Thanks again for making my Tuesday commuting much more pleasant.

  6. Mark says:

    Did anyone else get a hard on listening to the Norwegian Skeptic’s Creed?

    1. CamillaE says:

      I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

      Glad you liked it!

      1. Mark says:

        “Truther” never sounded so sexy.

        1. CamillaE says:

          There is no word for that sort of ludicracy in Norwegian, so ¨Thuthere¨ and ¨Birthere¨ just har to get Norwegian endings to fit with the theam.

          But thank you 🙂

  7. For the feller looking for movie review podcasts, I recommend Comedy Film Nerds:

    For some deeper movie nerdness, I recommend The Projection Booth:


  8. Murff says:

    Hey, I’m not “over there”, I live in Oregon! I’m just attending QED because not only will Richard Dawkins be there and I get to see Inkredulous live…but the trip and Con are actually cheaper than TAM….

    I’ll just buy Marsh a pint for you guys.

    1. WHAT! Cheaper? Shit, I’m going next year then.

  9. Rick K. says:

    Speaking as one of the people who has friends on Social Security and Medicare, as well as being close to starting on both myself, I definitely don’t want those gone. I’d like to see how the Affordable Healthcare Act actually does or doesn’t work, before repealing it. Bachmann’s promise to repeal it won’t get anywhere. Nowhere near enough votes to override a presidential veto. She’s just playing it up for her voting base. So sadly obvious that she’s being cynical, or she qualifies as a Poe.

  10. Steven Doyle says:

    It’s typical of astronomically ignorant people (like the lady who enjoys sex with space-octopus men) that, when they make up stuff about aliens, they think a constellation (in her case, Canis Major) is a place.

    In fact, a constellation of stars is just a visual pattern as perceived from our position in space. Because stars come in a wide range of visual magnitudes, what looks to our eyes like a group of stars of similar brightness may actually include stars at many different distances. Canis Major, for instance, inclues Sirius, at a distance of 8.6 light years from us, and Mirzam, at a distance of over 500 light years. Seeing them as grouped together is just an optical illusion.

    1. Mike.K. says:

      No, no, no! That’s what “Big Science” wants you to believe so that you don’t believe in the octopus aliens! That’s how the scientists keep all the tentacle-alien-sexy-time to themselves!

      (And so that you know that I’m joking, from memory of my college “stellar astronomy and cosmology” class 20 years ago: Oh Be A Fine Guy Kiss Me!)

  11. Svend says:

    As a Muslim, I am not at all a fan of veiling for a host of reasons, but I was a bit surprised by the quip about the Egyptian matrimonial catering to veiled women existing to “buy women.” Egypt, like most if not all majority-Muslim countries, is complex and not some hyper-religious, hyper-conservative monolithic. Egyptian women generally do not veil. Egypt is more liberal in its mores than many Arab societies–a case in point: last time I was there I and my friend were invited by two women we’d met in an elevator to join them at a nightclub; both of us being married, we declined–so it’s hardly a given that a highly conservative Muslim man would be able to easily find a like-minded wife). Outside a few arch-conservative places like Saudi Arabia or isolated areas in otherwise more liberal countries, to wear a veil often goes against the grain of local culture and is highly impractical during one’s daily life. So, while I sure there are subscribers who’d fit that crude stereotype–all conservative-leaning religious matrimonial sites have a subset of knuckle-dragging misogynists–most are probably simply highly conservative men looking to find a wife already committed to the lifestyle they believe in. Since veiling is, again, atypical and since most Muslim scholars don’t believe it is mandatory, this is definitely something they’d definitely want to screen based on to avoid wasting time or, worse, huge conflicts after getting married. I don’t subscribe to their values and have concerns about the impact of insistence of veiling, but they need to find compatible partners just like everybody else.
    I was as revolted as you were by that horrible story out of Somalia and think you’d be hard pressed for find credible Muslim scholars who’d justify that.

    Otherwise, I enjoyed the show.

    1. Svend says:

      Ugh, there were a lot of errors in that hastily edited comment. I’m a native speaker, honest.

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