Episode 90: Homopropgandology

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  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Guys: Once again — The “Immaculate Conception” does not mean conceiving a baby without a man, like the mythical conception of Jesus.

    Instead, it refers to Mary (M.O.G.), from the moment of her conception, being unstained by Original Sin. Alone among the millions of humans alive then, she wasn’t guilty of that mythical thing neither she nor anyone then living supposedly did in the imaginary Garden of Eden.

    Oddly, even a lot of Catholics get this wrong. (If I believed in God, and thought the mythology was real, I’d study it obsessively.)

  2. Johan Lahtinen says:

    Movie review suggestion: The Ledge

  3. Rob says:

    A couple of links to share with you guys:


    If you’ve had a baptism, free bus pass. If you’re an atheist – tough luck, pay up! Good to see that the Catholics in charge of the faith schools are speaking out against such discrimination.


    Beyonce is worshipping the devil, and is possessed by demons! Yes, literally. The comments are a blast too.

  4. Que says:

    so the paradox is she had no orginal sin, when all of humanity did by that time, and that orignal sin was either a) doing the nasty, which negates teh whole thing if she did do it with a man to get baby jebus. b) she never picked from the tree of knowledge and therefore was a mndless drone either seaded by god or joe, and had no clue she had the lord and savior. great!

  5. Mike.K. says:

    Your musings about gays going into the priesthood is spot on. As the joke goes, in an Irish family, the boy who can’t play sports becomes a priest. That is also one of the reasons I seriously considered becoming a priest myself. (That, and I’ve always loved historical linguistics. The priests in the movie “Stigmata” doing the translations of hidden gospels was my dream job.)

    I’ve also known people from other countries with largely Christian populations (I live near a large university, so lots of immigrants) who are shocked that people from the US get so upset when mentioning gay priests. I’ve known people from Central and South America, and Europe, who say casually, “They’re not *all* gay. Only about half.”, and see nothing scandalous about it. What happens among priests, stays among priests, and they serve society in other ways. Of course, these also tend to be people who see a gay priest and a pedophile priest as entirely different things. The latter, and only the latter, is a problem that must be dealt with.

    Anyway, movie review? Omega Code! Omega Code! Omega Code!!!!

    That was one of the first long reviews I did on Amazon, and the first that was entirely negative. I actually had to separate the horribleness into different paragraphs.

    And yet, I’ve talked to so many fundies who just LUVZ them that movie.


  6. rich says:

    another hilarious show! going through the back catalog of everyone’s a critic, do you each have a favorite show / movie / lyric that you’ve done, or do you not look at it that way?

  7. Stan says:

    Long boring lectures. That is when you need porn on your phone.

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