Episode 85: Fine Imported Goblin

9 comments on Episode 85: Fine Imported Goblin

  1. Mike.K. says:

    The US equivalent of “Jerk Bun” is “Soggy Biscuit”.

    And here we see the exact moment I loose my posting privileges….

  2. Thabiso Mhlaba says:

    As a Zimbabwean and an atheist I absolutely loved that last story. Chi-toon-gwee-zaahhh.

  3. Kyle says:

    Just to clarify, Ray Lewis was never actually acquitted, He was never even tried. He made a deal with the DA and took a plea bargain down to a misdemeanor “obstructing justice” charge to testify against his buddies. Then he got on the stand and said he couldn’t remember what happened. So 2 guys got stabbed to death on a busy sidewalk in Atlanta with tons of people around and nobody has ever been arrested.

  4. Murff says:

    Nah, it’s ok Mike…I never thought your posts were tight anyway.


    Great show guys. This weeks conservapedia thing was disturbing though, very disturbing.

  5. John says:

    Hi. This is John from Sweden writing.

    About the “jerk off bun” (I can’t believe I just wrote that)… That “game” has all the makings of an urban myth. And I’m pretty sure it has been debunked. You’ll never meet someone who has played it but when I was in junior high I heard people tell me that they knew someone who’s friend had played this game.

    Not saying it never happened (there’s a lot of fucked up pepole doing lots of fucked up things out there). Just saying it’s not even close to be a common thing (and thank goodness for that)

    So keep enjoying those cinnamon buns, guys. And keep up the good work!

  6. John says:

    Oh, and regarding atheists in TV-shows. Dr Brennan, main character in the crime procedural “Bones” is an ouspoken atheist. Though everytime she makes an atheist statement she is immidiately balanced by the character Agent Booth, a catholic FBI agent. It will come as no surprise to you that dr Brennan is portraied as an overly rational woman who is cold, lacking emphaty and has a hard time connecting to people.

    1. Starpod says:

      I especially liked where Bones compared Jesus’s resurrection to the zombies of the Voodoo religion. I sprayed a cup of coffee all over my computer screen.

  7. xxicenturyboy says:

    Look you fuckwits (you make wonderful love while filling the air with pithy comments is what I mean), congratulations on another great show. Just wanted to comment on the waitress story. I waited tables most of my way through college and for a little while after to make ends meet. It’s great being paid in cash and it’s better than any other job in the restaurant, with the exception of maybe the bartender. That’s not saying a lot though, you get no bene’s, you’re on your feet all day and people can suck. Watch the movie Waiting…it’s pretty much a documentary. This pastor broke one of the cardinal rules of life. Don’t insult the person that serves you food. Any despot knows that. That pastor will be marked for the rest of her life. Restaurant people stick together and we all knew who the shitty tippers were. If I were this pastor I would be afraid to eat out for the next few years. If that won ton soup tastes a little uriney, it probably is.

  8. FishMonkey says:

    WOW just WOW how could anyone think that sperm is magical Jesus milk I hope that story is fake because I find it hard to believe people are just that fucking stupid.

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