Episode 84: Face to Horrifying Face

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  1. Jeremy says:

    lol just listened to the podcast. 🙂 and no, im not a satanist or anything really. im a “i dunno, nothin”. and please dont ask me to call myself christian that’s just insulting. hehe

    an argument from ignorance is an argument worth shit in my opinion. which mine was, but not willful ignorance, sheesh, have faith in your listeners yo.

    “Florida Satanist group” missed that part, my bad. thought it was an extension of the one on San Francisco, but i’m holding you to the fact you could have noticed i posted Anton levay’s book, and you could of corrected my confusion. im sorry, but it sounded like a huge fail if you were taking about laveyan satanism.

    i agree with you guys, and by atheist im meaning “no belief in a god or gods” never grew up with religion, never did the Wicca thing, ect. I just read the satanic bible to see what it was all about so i could have an informed opinion … something my parents taught me, satanism’s history is kinda interesting as well.

    again, i agree in new light of what group you were talking about. plus i thought the gothy satan worshipper kids were wiccan, pagan or some other crap like that. learned something new today. keep up the good work, and thanks for the reply!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure I fully agree with your assessment of the muslim rapist. I’m in no way a rape apologist, I think it’s abhorrent and detest all the victim blaming that goes on. However, reading the (admittedly limited) facts about the case it seems that this is statutory rape and that the girl did not have sex against her will.

    The court reports say that the guy is extremely naive (I don’t just mean in his ignorance of the law but in all matters) and I really don’t think that prison would be a good place for him. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be punished, I’m just questioning what the benefit of a custodial sentence would be.

    I think in this case he’s as much a victim as the girl. The people who should be punished are his parents and teachers for not giving him the education he deserves and needs to operate in society. One report I read said the name of the school he attended has been suppressed. It should be immediately revealed, investigated and if necessary closed.

    I’m not at all condoning his actions but from the facts of the case that I’ve seen I don’t think this is a case of giving him a pass because he’s a muslim. I think it’s that he’s a kid who’s been so sheltered from the world that he really has no idea about how it works. Prison would break him, which benefits no one, and I think that’s why he was given a suspended sentence.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Guys,
    Love your show.

    I have to disagree with Sarah’s comment above. I don’t think this young man was as naive as his defense attorney would have us believe.

    He may have lived a sheltered life but he knew enough to navigate Facebook, book a room in a hotel away from home, and to bring a condom.

    Also, his comment that he was taught that “women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground” refers to women who do not wear an Islamic veil or head covering = non muslim women. This is a very popular strategy used by fundamentalist muslims to shame women who do not veil and to brand them as having loose morals. Give it a google to see what I mean. Further, this young man would have learned in the masjid and at his islamic school that having sex outside of marriage goes against his religion. The judge did note this but I think he made the wrong call and perhaps has set up a dangerous precendent. Having sex with a 13 year old child is wrong under any circumstances. Period.

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