Episode 80: No Longer Quivering

5 comments on Episode 80: No Longer Quivering

  1. Murff says:

    A quick note on that Bryan Fischer clip you played to start the show.

    Here are two of his points:
    Tragedy happened because of lack of prayer in school.
    Guns are not to blame, the worst tragedy in public school history was a bomb in the 1920’s.

    My thought…they had prayer in schools in the 1920’s when he bombing happened…

    I listen to his crap and Buster Wilson nearly everyday at work, and yes, I like torturing myself.

  2. Dietrich says:

    And I quote:

    “If you really want to have children, then fuck your mom.” -Tom

  3. Mike.K. says:

    Ok, I must rant (briefly) about the prayer in school thing….

    Gun violence was not a problem in schools when we had prayer and bible readings in public schools.

    This is not because of prayer. That is a false causality caused by the idolatry of fundamentalists.

    It was not a problem because when we had prayer in public schools, the dregs of the John Birch society had not yet taken over the NRA. The NRA, at that time, was still a hunting and marksmanship sporting group, which they had been since the NRA was forcibly separated from its racist roots.

    At that time, “common-sense regulation” for gun ownership was a conservative principle, as it supported the common good.

    At that time, fully automatic assault weapons were not available to the public, and weaponry and supplies were not readily available through mail order, let alone online purchases.

    What changed was not just enforcement of the fundamental constitutional principle of separation of church and state. It was also the victory of the plutarchs to ensure their profit in the gun industry. These are the financial backers that run and shear the rubes that consider themselves “God-warriors” and “patriots”, so the ministers will dare not call out the ones that fill their coffers.


  4. Tracy M says:

    Mentally ill people account for only 15% of spree killings, such as the recent school shootings.

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