Episode 72: Religion Poisons Everything

3 comments on Episode 72: Religion Poisons Everything

  1. InvincibleIronyMan says:

    Are there any meteorological scientists here? I am just thinking, there could be a whole new area opening up in weather forecasting, or maybe even weather control. All we need to do is map the migration of gays across the country. Maybe we could send crack gay weather-control squads to drought-afflicted countries.

    Personally, I am most curious as to which has the greater effect – praying for rain, or ass-fucking for rain? Rick Perry organized a prayer rally for rain to break the drought in Texas and it didn’t work. Perhaps he should have organized a massive gay orgy instead!

  2. Rick K. says:

    Acid does seem to be the latest fad among misogynist male Muslims. And the Taliban seems to have declared open war against any woman they can get hold of, who is favor of education. Very brave of them!

  3. Ian says:

    Ah, the Polish blasphemy law. Let me just quickly get out of the way that I find the public and purporseful destroying of books as a way to disagree with their content extremely distasteful in general. Burnings, public tearing up… same shit to me. He shouldn’t have been punished by law though as nobody was actually hurt – so where does this blasphemy law nonsense come from? Well, funny story here, and by funny I mean disguisting.

    Here’s a fun little fact about the catholic church – the Vatican is an actual state. As such it’s able to enter into international treaties with other states and they carry the same formal weight. These treaties are called “concordats” and once the Vatican sinks its hooks into a state with one of these, it’s very hard to get out of it. The Polish concordat was signed by the people in power at the time in the few short semi-turmulous years of Poland’s transition from a communist state to a democracy, before the new constitution were fully drafted. It would have likely had a separation of church and state clause in it… except the concordat already in effect made such a clause illegal. And that’s produced no end of shit, including catholic indoctrination as an official class in all public schools, because why not (good news, it’s not a mandatory class – bad news, it’s usually placed in an annoying time spot in the schedule and the replacement class that’s supposed to take place is usually legal fiction). It’s kind of horrible but it’s out of the direct Polish control while this treaty is in effect, and that is not going to change anytime soon. You need some serious political will to take the hit of breaking the concordat in a country that’s formally mostly catholic, let’s just say. Having your party leaders excommunicated? Yeeeeeah, not a good sign towards reelection.

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