Episode 64: InKredulous

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  1. hotttpocket says:

    my facebook status post for today: My favorite form of entertainment lately has been this podcast called “cognitive dissonance”, (https://shop.dissonancepod.com/?p=359). What I love most about it is that these guys talk like normal people talk, they drop f-bombs and are occasionally politically incorrect or whatever, and I appreciate it so much because; Expletives are only offensive to people who think that we are being judged by this tyrannical dictator who clearly enjoys punishing people for involuntary speech (cursing) and for thought crimes (say like, for doubting his existence) and for “crimes” without a victims. And everyone CATERS to THESE morons instead of telling them to leave the room if they aren’t able to hear to adults talking like adults to one another without making about them and their religious prudery and to further perpetuate their addiction to righteous indignation and patronizing sanctimony- WHY!? What the hell is up with that!? If you’re an adult who is offended by words which refer to the act of procreation or to different parts of the human anatomy, then you’re not a very grown-up adult, in my opinion. But that’s just me, I could be wrong. I very very very highly doubt it, but it’s possible. Not probable, but still, possible.

  2. RipleyP says:

    I don’t know if the letter about supressing not only Gay marriage but also supressing the NFL players from having an opinion on something could be written any better. The letter was just pure brilliance and thanks for sharing it.
    My memory seems to recall some sporting guru who was a good Christian who was very big on thanking the sky daddy for winning games. Apparently things were a little quiet when Sky Daddy failed to provide a fairly important win.
    (As an Australian I find most of the sports incomprehensible so please forgive if I fail to get the relevant details correct)
    So ok apparently it is ok to credit Sky Daddy with winning sporting event, not ok to have any other opinion especially if it one that isn’t supportive of your preferred Sky Daddy based bigotry.

  3. Sofie says:

    Real ninjas wearing veils: Iranian Warrior Women! http://themadmanwithapen.tumblr.com/post/33509354581/ladykhadija-iranian-ninja-warrior-women

    Couldn’t help thinking of this when I heard the story with the little boy and the ‘ninjas’. Who knows, maybe they really were ninjas.

    I love listening to you guys just having fun while giving us the ‘news’ – and I don’t find it confusing at all.

    – Your Danish fan.

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