Episode 612: Nebulizer

5 comments on Episode 612: Nebulizer

  1. Merari says:

    The batman catwoman image isn’t linked. Ian?

    1. Ian says:

      it’s there now but not sure how you will see it from horny jail…. 😉

  2. Daniel Consoer says:

    Where did the crying guy clips between this week’s segments come from?

  3. BluePrint says:

    Listen to what you said there, replace “the web” with “government”, and you’ll understand why the Democratic party behaves as it does. Or how the U.S. government operates as a whole.

  4. Denisa D says:

    Hey guys,
    Let me start with – i love your show. You’re the bestest. But I have to give you a correction. The dumb woman that caught COVID on purpose was Czech, not Polish. We’re not proud of her. We’re mostly in news because of stupid things like a president stealing a pen (if you haven’t seen it, Google it 🤦)
    PS. Even though I’m Czech with access to the best beer, I live in Switzerland, so if you’re ever heading towards here, I’d love to take you out for Raclette or fondue (you too Iain).

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