Episode 61: Letters to Christian Leaders

9 comments on Episode 61: Letters to Christian Leaders

  1. Rick K. says:

    I read some of the comments after the article about the priest chasing the boy down the street. A few are interesting and well-argued, but many seem to focus on gay-bashing and Catholic-bashing in a weird, twisted conflation that leaves me screaming, “Show me your evidence!” When I saw one commenter use the term, “Homosexual Agenda”, I knew for certain the commentary had taken a turn for the worst.

  2. Murff says:

    It amazes my what Christians will do to get their religion into public schools. A brief Internet search shows there are about 125,000 public schools from K to 4yr colleges…including trade schools. Another brief search, drawing the numbers from a religious site, shows that there are roughly 325,000 Christian churches…which of course does not include other religions.

    Why again do they still need to try and teach it in school? I suspect it is because religious people can’t stand it when others choose not to go to church, so they feel the need to force it on them in other places…and what better place than a school, where kids pretty much have to attend.

    They just had a huge bible give-a-way that was specifically targeted to religious teens, with the intent for those teens to give the bible to someone they know in school that hasn’t “found Jesus”.

    Thanks yet again for such a great podcast.

  3. Steven Doyle says:

    “You don’t have to take on other people’s problems.” Isn’t that really what Jesus was saying? I think somewhere in Matthew he says to the leper, “Fuck you, Jack, I got mine.” (Of course, it might have been different in the original Aramaic.)

  4. RobWriting says:

    So, gays reproduce by molesting children? Aha! Now I know where priests comes from! Makes me wonder what poor child produced the pope.

  5. Chak says:

    Thank you for telling us that all the cursing in your show is not going to change.

    You see, I was waiting for you all to get tired of dropping f-bombs for effect, because the content of your show is good enough that I could overlook the multitudinous f-bombs, for a while.

    But if your vocabulary is so stunted that you simply must use curse words, knowing that it’s going to offend a certain part of your audience, then perhaps your podcast is not for me. You see, I think words should mean something, and when you just use the same word over and over without regard for meaning or appropriateness, you become simply annoying.

    It has nothing to do with being real and everything to do with limited vocabulary.

    So as I said, thank you for letting me know, so I can unsub.


    1. diss0713 says:

      I guess you aren’t sure how this works. You see, we produce an hour to an hour and a half of free content. You download it and we get nothing. If you don’t listen we still get nothing. It’s not like we are out anything on the deal. But hey, thanks for taking the time out to give unsolicited criticism to a show you aren’t even going to listen to anymore. Great use of your time.

      To say that we have a stunted vocabulary just isn’t true, either you haven’t been listening long or you haven’t been listening at all. We do use lots of profanity, but the subjects we talk about oftentimes deserve it. Maybe you can talk about misogyny, bigotry, and murder without using the word fuck, but I can’t. And you were waiting for it to change? We are 61 episodes in at this point.

      I’m a blue collar kid. I grew up around swearing and still swear. We do make rational and reasoned arguments, as well as provide intelligent commentary. The fact that you get hung up on the swearing says a lot more about you than it does about us. If you think people can’t be intelligent that swear you are either very sheltered or very obtuse. Either way, I’m happy you left.

      All my best,

  6. Frankathon says:

    Seeing as this seems to be the place to give unsolicitate criticisum; I think I’ll take the time here and let you know that I will unsub if you stop swearing. All my monies will belong to me , as it was before…nothing will change but you will know that I dont like you. Hope you can live with that buddy!

    That is all.

    Thank you very fucking much,


  7. Sugaryfun says:

    Hey guys! I came to your show via the Imaginary Friends show and it’s awesome. I’m binging on old episodes right now. Re. the complaint you guys had about swearing, fuck that! I have a snobby friend who was having a go at me for swearing (which, like you guys, is something I do when I’m comfortable around people), saying that “her mother raised her right” (which makes me want to say “my mother raised me not to sleep around”, but unfortunately my mother also raised me not to make cheap cracks like that) and that people who swear “just have nothing worth saying”. Well, you guys prove her wrong. You have a lot to say that’s definately worth hearing. Keep it up!

  8. Sugaryfun says:

    I can’t even remember which episode this is a correction for (maybe this one, I’ve listened to so many in the past couple of days) but the Bible wasn’t originally written in Aramaic. The Old Testament was in Hebrew and the New Testament was in Greek.

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