Episode 606: Antreefa

One comment on “Episode 606: Antreefa

  1. Teri Masters says:

    Hey guys love you totally you’re the best part of my Monday but I just wanna clarify a few things…
    The second story about Lauren Boebert and her ILHAN OMAR story… Well it’s complete bullshit! It never actually happened! In truth, she’s been telling the story for a while, changing the details a little bit every time of course. It turns out that whenever they cross each other in the hallway or something, boebert hangs her head and refuses to even look at İlhan. So she has the nerve to lie to her fans about Ilhan, yet she doesn’t even have the balls to look her in the eye.
    But yeah, I just wanted to clarify that the elevator story is complete and utter bullshit.
    Cant wait for Thursdays livestream! Y’all are amazing.

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