Episode 585: Illegalize Jesus Christ

One comment on “Episode 585: Illegalize Jesus Christ

  1. BluePrint says:

    You must remember that those are Jesus freaks. When they say something about the future, they don’t need to point to any plan or explain a logical progression of events. When they say something about the future, they’re prophesying.
    The For the People Act will illegalize Jesus not because it’s a provision in the bill, but because it’ll make a republican loss a near guarantee… “that means the democrats would get into power (not like right now. The last elections were stolen, you know), then they’ll be brazen (they won’t do it right now because we impotently scream about the stolen elections), and will do all the things that are the opposite of what we’ll do.”
    It’s a childishly simple good/bad black/white situation for them, so if they want to ban abortions, the other side must want to make abortions mandatory. If they want to make guns available to all ages without training or tracking (which would deter criminals, of course), then the other side must want to ban all guns, even nerf.
    And if they want to make the U.S. into a theocracy and… let’s say… exile, everyone who doesn’t convert, the other side must want to ban Christianity and X anyone who mentions Jesus.

    “They can’t have a fitting swimming cap! If the competition would be fair, they’ll win!”

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