Episode 584: Warmonger Redemption Tour

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  1. BluePrint says:

    You (The U.S.) don’t have a health care system.
    What you have is a health scam industry.
    This is also why medical personnel opt-out of getting vaccinated: Because they’re not in the field to help the sick and injured. They’re in it for medical profiteering.

    1. Supernova Kasprzak says:

      Seriously? The US has a health care system. It’s full of flaws, but that doesn’t make it “a scam”.

      There are plenty of people speculating about why medical personnel opt out. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-wont-some-health-care-workers-get-vaccinated-2021021721967 But your speculation doesn’t even make sense. Even greedy people generally care about their own health. Being “in it for medical profiteering” is not mutually exclusive with wanting protection from a deadly disease, even if that were the case, so why this clear bias and stereotyping of US health care workers?

      1. SorryMyShortCommentBecameAMiniDiatribe says:

        The healthcare system in the US is both a joke AND a scheme. And it’s not just hospitals, it’s the insurers, too. I pay $400+/mo for my coverage and only recently started to use it. Those catch-up appointments I just had because of the pandemic? Yeah, that’s all going to come out of my pocket because my former employer has me on a high deductible plan. Oh, yeah, AND I’m unemployed. And I have a precancerous lesion that’ll require surgery in the coming weeks.

        I’m not alone in this experience and what do we have to show for our participation in the healthcare “free market”? A lot of bills that push us closer to being in the red, or worse.

        Universal healthcare is the answer. Problem is,… Say what? Jeff Bezos made how much last year? And he paid HOW MUCH in taxes?

        It’s all bullshit.

        “Even greedy people generally care about their own health.”

        While this may be the case, it isn’t necessarily true that ‘greedy people’ would care, even in a general way, about the health of others.

        And, really, that’s the crux of the issue. Throughout our global pandemic, those of us who masked-up, locked-down, and got vaccinated did so in our own self-interests, yes, but, many are keenly aware that others benefit from such responsible actions. The vaccine protects us as individuals AND it protects our neighbors, coworkers, and our communities —as well as those who CAN’T get the vaccine. Acting in self-interest doesn’t preclude us from simultaneously acting in the interests of others.

        Certain jobs mandate, for example, the flu vaccine. There’s zero excuse not to mandate a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for healthcare workers. We all have to make tradeoffs in life, so, this would be their tradeoff. It’s easy to imagine a scenario in which an immunocompromised individual is hospitalized and ends up with COVID-19 and dying all because Karen Q. Public, RN (or Chad Q. Public, MD) –despite their education and training– thought their conspiratorial nonsense should somehow be of greater importance than that of their patients.

        No one goes to a doctor’s office or hospital to get sick (or sicker) or to die. They go because they need help, they’re sick, injured, or are facing life or death.

        People get fired all the time for not meeting job requirements. There’s no reason mandatory vaccination shouldn’t apply to the healthcare industry en masse, too (unless the individual has a valid health reason).

  2. Wes says:

    What is the clip starting at 26:10 where a robot keeps asking “why” to being told not to kill people? It’s hilarious.

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