Episode 58: Chick-Fail-A

2 comments on Episode 58: Chick-Fail-A

  1. fly44d says:

    Hey, somebody is going to photoshop Kim Jong-un’s head on my TAM picture? Awesome. This reminded me to thank you for the T-shirt offer and making me be a little more outgoing at TAM, forcing me to help plan, plot and execute collarings that resulted in pictures. Having a mission really helped! Seriously, the T-shirts aren’t that bad. Maire looked good in hers and Mark and I were good enough. Don’t stress the vendor, you’ve got better things to do! Such as Apocalypse Without Borders, great idea! Donated.

  2. Timothy says:

    It’s true that the Buddhas of Bamiyan were a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are no UNESCO police; however, it is equally true that the Giza Pyramids are protected by treaty. In fact, according to Wikipedia, they are protected by several treaties including the Geneva Convention. While I believe that this site is protected by international law, I think the real problem here is that international law is weak and inconsistently enforced. Treaties were broken–international law was violated–when the Buddhas were destroyed by the Taliban, but the state parties to the convention aparently didn’t consider the matter important enough to take action; so, at least in some sense, the protection of international law in these cases has little actual effect due to our own inaction and unwillingness to enforce treaties to which we have agreed. In any case, to be fair, I didn’t suggest that World Heritage Site status would prevent destruction of the Pyramids; I merely stated that they were protected by treaty, and I hoped that the Egyptians wouldn’t violate that treaty.

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