Episode 579: Two Pulitzer Sam

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  1. Martin T. says:

    Hello guys,
    Just finished listening. Great show as always etc. Been listening for years yadda yadda…

    Dude! Americans are slaves…
    I am a middle class German software developer and I didn’t even go to university.
    I get:
    * 28 days of payed vacation a year (Last job had 30)
    * Strict 40 hour work week by law and every minute extra is compensated in free time or extra pay
    * All sick leave is payed up to at least several months I think (never had to use it) and they can’t fire you
    * You can’t get fired if you get pregnant, there is payed pregnancy and childcare leave (men can take that, too)
    * If you don’t pull criminal grade shit they have to notify you at least a month before fireing you and that time grows the longer you work for the company
    * ~5k€ a month (about half of that goes for taxes and other mandatory payments)
    * Me and my wife can live off that single income OK and even save a little
    * this isn’t even the best paying job i *could* get
    Ah and I forgot: FREE HEALTH CARE, Free education including University, cheap government loans for living costs while studying that are partly forgiven

    And also our economy is one of the best in Europe. Social democracy – it works, bitches 🙂

    I never want to live in the US ever. This is just one more reason among things like politics, gun violence etc. etc. etc.
    WTF is ‘Murica doing? Ah I remember, Gulf war, Gulf war, Afghanistan war and so on. Well you got to set spending priorities…

    Best regard, Martin

    1. Doctor Assham says:

      You don’t know the half of it dude. The worst thing is you have a whole bunch of idiots thinking that it’s the best country in the world just because you can buy an AR 15 with a shot gun attachment and die in a shootout at Walmart. Also, in my opinion Germany has better beer.

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