Episode 569: A Really Bad Day for Him

4 comments on Episode 569: A Really Bad Day for Him

  1. Supernova Kasprzak says:

    It’s great that you spent a good 5 minutes discussing how men are the problem with violence. But you didn’t address solutions. The proximate cause is testosterone production, thanks to the X chromosome. Men are genetically predisposed to violence. It doesn’t make us all violent, naturally, but it means that it will always be some men, no matter what laws you pass or awareness you spread, will be violent. So what’s the solution? It’s nice to identify the problem, but a problem without a solution is just whining.

    1. diss0713 says:

      You must have skipped over the part where we talk about how we enculturate young males into violence when we raise them and that is the source and needs to be examined and reworked.

  2. James says:

    Supernova over here, not only missed the part where they did give at least the direction of a solution (raising boys to not be violent assholes that can’t cope with their feelings), but then goes and excuses the violent assholes because they’ve got testosterone. No different than the sheriff or whatever he was saying the dude had a bad day.

  3. Shannen says:

    I live in rural Missouri and I dread going ANYWHERE in public, this place fucking sucks. I have been confronted and verbally attacked by cult members multiple times in Walmart. A couple months ago I forgot my mask and ran into the gas station to pay for my shit and i was TERRIFIED that someone would mistaken me for a Republican. Tbh I’m more scared of people thinking I’m a Republican than I am of the virus.

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