Episode 568: V4C 2019 Part 10

2 comments on Episode 568: V4C 2019 Part 10

  1. Ken says:

    Epic Dragonlance reference, took me completely by surprise

  2. BluePrint says:

    Misfiring epistemology is exactly right:
    The religious believe that god is in control, and every time it seems that god isn’t in control, it’s people going against god and is therefore wrong, must be stopped, and is used as a justification for natural disasters. Because that’s how they know god is in control: something unexpected happens and people get hurt; After which they “decipher” what people did that made god angry enough to cause the unexpected to happen.

    In the case of the vaccine, it’s people working specifically to undo the unexpected that hurts people right now, and if the work succeeds it’s the ultimate dethroning of god, because even its ability to punish is taken away.
    So the only way to preserve the Truth of their religion, is to force everyone to take the punishment and stop trying to mitigate it.

    What Tom needs to do is realize that Democrats aren’t trying to do what they hint to when they campaign.
    Democrats want the same thing Republicans do: to have a prestigious title, to give your money to their sponsors who in return would pay their bills, and keep this gravy train going until retirement.
    The only difference is that Democrats don’t like to get their hands dirty.
    Both parties are wholly owned by corporate interests, and play good-cop/bad-cop on the entire nation.

    Some people say there’s nothing in common between the parties, and to that I reply: There’s at least one thing:
    Both parties lie about what Democrats would do in office.

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