Episode 566: Minimum Rage

4 comments on Episode 566: Minimum Rage

  1. Misophoni-fuck-that says:

    Much appreciation from Australia for putting out a consistently dope show. It’s a great way to have a laugh while digesting topics and takes from abroad.

    Apart from the well wishes, I just wanted to say this episodes ad truly fucked me up. You cunts can get a dog up ya for that one.

    All the best Tom and Cecil.

  2. Steven Doyle says:

    I’ve been looking at that fucking Ted Cruz meme for an hour, and haven’t gotten it. I lost my job last week, I’m 60 fucking years old, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I used to be smart; lately I feel worthless. Throw me a bone and explain this one.

    1. Steven Doyle says:

      Oh, wait. Is that the fucking Zodiac Killer cipher? Never mind.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi Guys,
    I was listening to this week’s episode and I just wanted to possibly impart some context about one of the stories discussed. The story about the settlement that was taken by the healthcare company is definitely heart-breaking, however, it is common. It may be different in other states, but in California, where I am, insurance companies write into their membership guidelines that if you are compensated for an injury or accident, you are required to include the medical portion that was covered by the insurance. Your insurance company reserves the right to seek reimbursement for monies paid in those scenarios. If the family had an attorney, they would have been well aware of this. In California, attorneys don’t want to go through the hassle of making sure that the settlement takes into account the medical portion; so they gamble on the assumption that the insurance company won’t attach a lien if it is a small amount. If the family didn’t have an attorney and were only working with an insurance company, they know the rules as well. Whoever worked with the family to secure the settlement, rather stupidly, left them open to this liability. I know this because I work in healthcare and have dealt with what we call Third Party Liability. Our company doesn’t tend to go after small settlements if members don’t include the medical portion for the claim. That doesn’t mean it isn’t the company’s right. Oh, and Tom, if you were deceased and still had a spouse, our company policy is to bill the estate or the widowed party. The medical bill doesn’t actually die with you. I don’t know how that affects collections, but the only way we don’t collect is if there is no widow and no estate.

    I love the show, you guys have kept me sane through some tough moments.

    Take Care.
    Kimberly from California.

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