Episode 560: Post Coup-itus

3 comments on Episode 560: Post Coup-itus

  1. BluePrint says:

    Pelosi didn’t give McConnell a weekend to think it over.
    She took a weekend for herself, to think how she can maneuver the calls for impeachment so it won’t upset HIS funders.

    Because those funders are also her funders, or if they aren’t, she wants them to be.

  2. Michael Haggerty says:

    Its actually illegal to encrypt beyond the capabilities of the government to decrypt. You should check out the story behind PGP and Phil Zimmermann https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Zimmermann

    1. thanks for talking about my comment. love your show. Yeah I believe ATF enforces federal laws against encryption. Encryption technology is considered a weapon. There is a book on encryption called the code book by simon singh. Reads like a novel and its mostly about history of encryption. Bad encryption got Anne Boleyn executed etc. But the section on Phil Zimmerman was all about these laws nobody knows about. I highly recommend the book. You’ll sound like you know something.

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